Muslim Youths In France See New Year In By Setting 1,067 Cars On Fire

Infidels around the World celebrated the New Year with friends or family by having fun and partying. Muslims on the other hand are forbidden from joining in the traditional celebration on the orders of their religious clerics.

Firefighters extinguish a burning car during New Year

Muslim youths from France’s Islamic ghettos didn’t like being left out whilst the non Muslim French people enjoyed themselves. So they took it upon themselves to have their own  party causing carnage on the French streets . Behaving with a lawless attitude in similar way to how Muslims may act in Somalia or Pakistan. Gangs of Muslims left their own immigrant enclaves for suburbia where they showed no respect for others and set fire to over 1000 cars.

A car on fire in Paris

Despite 53,000 policemen being deployed across the country to try to curtail any violence. French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said on Wednesday that 1,067 vehicles were torched in France over New Year’s Eve 2013. That figure is slightly down on the number of cars burnt out the previous New Years Eve which was 1,193. Three people also died due to fatal stab wounds, authorities said.

Violence and destruction comes as a second nature to uncivilized Muslims. A nice reminder for the whole of France how Muslim  immigration has ruined their once decent nation.  It could also be a glimpse of the future in store for the UK if Islamization of our towns and cities continues as it is. Paris today could quite easy be Tower Hamlets in a couple of years.

4 thoughts on “Muslim Youths In France See New Year In By Setting 1,067 Cars On Fire”

  1. A popular trend today, in this highly biased ‘free world’, is that you lot are free to lie about Muslims knowing there will not be any repercussions. As usual your claims are without a shred of evidence as Reuters have acknowledged and lets hope the masses are not dumb as you make them out to be.

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