Muslim Charged With Taking Girl From Bradford Care Home On Christmas Day

Muslim Abid Miskeen from Bradford has been charged by police for taking a vulnerable girl half his age from a council run children’s home where she was residing. The schoolgirl went missing on Christmas Day and was reportedly seen with Abid Miskeen during the 36 hours she was missing. At the time of his arrest Abid Miskeen was already on bail for child sex offences.

It appears Miskeen is no stranger to the court system who has been let of very lightly by Britain’s 2 tier justice. He has been banned from driving on 6 separate occasions and several convictions for drunk driving, no insurance and dangerous driving. In 2011 while a banned driver. He crashed into an Audi and fled the scene. When police caught him he refused to take a breath test. They then discovered he had  fraudulently obtained a driving licence under his alias Abid Ali Khan. Anybody else would of been sent down in court for those offences yet Miskeen avoided jail !

31-year-old denies taking teenager from Council care home on Christmas Day

6:00am Saturday 28th December 2013 in News

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bradford man charged with abducting girl, 15Bradford man charged with abducting girl, 15

A 31-year-old man has appeared in court accused of abducting a 15-year-old girl from Bradford Council care on Christmas Day. Abid Miskeen, of Little Horton Lane, Bradford, is alleged to have been having “a romantic relationship” with the vulnerable teenager, who went missing for 36 hours before she was found by police. Miskeen appeared in custody at Bradford and Keighley MagistratesCourt yesterday charged with taking a child from the lawful control of Bradford Council Social Services Department on December 25. He pleaded not guilty to the allegation. Prosecutor Paul Ramsay alleged that Miskeen and the girl were in “a romantic relationship.” He said the defendant had been on bail after being charged in October with two offences of sexual activity with a child under 16. Magistrates heard that the police mounted an exhaustive missing person enquiry to trace the girl on Christmas Day when she failed to return to the local authority care home where she lives in Bradford. She had attended the home of a family member for Christmas dinner but disappeared afterwards. The court was told she was found 36 hours later hiding in the basement at a female friend’s house in the city. Mr Ramsay said one of Miskeen’s bail conditions was not to have any contact with the girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons. He alleged they had been seen together in Little Horton Lane after she went missing. Mr Yousaf applied for Miskeen to be rebailed but the magistrates refused the application.

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