Manchester City’s Muslim Footballer Samir Nasri Shown In Photo Making Same Racist Salute As Anelka

A second French Muslim footballer has been exposed making the same racist Nazi salute as Nicolas Anelka. A photo of Manchester City’s midfielder Samir Nasri  making the controversial ‘quenelle’ sign emerged 24 hours after fellow Frenchman Nicolas Anelka caused outrage when he used the gesture in a goal celebration.

No doubt the anti-Semitic who have the full backing of his Muslim paymasters. Manchester City of course funded by Middle Eastern Muslim oil money.

Nasri took to twitter when the photo first appeared throwing out the taqiyya and pleading innocence. Nasri claims he made the salute because he is against the system and not due to any kind of racist motive. Denying even knowing it was used in a racist way.

Naturally i had to challenge him over his statement.

Both Samir Nasri and Nicolas Anelka are well aware what the gesture means. The whole of France know so why wouldn’t they. It was made popular by Anelkas friend, a fellow Muslim and renowned Jew hating racist and it is widely made by Muslims and other French haters of Jews such as Antifa communists.

Denying all knowledge is insulting to peoples intelligence

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