Two Immigrants Guilty Of Attempted Child Abduction Of Boys Aged 8 And 10

Two Iranian born immigrants living in Leigh, Greater Manchester have been convicted of attempted child abduction. Muslim nonces Aram Younis and Hassan Meshedi were found guilty of trying to entice two brothers aged 8 and 10 into their car. Had the succeeded God only knows what heinous acts they would of carried out on the pair. They were clearly up to no good having the reg plates on the car stuck on with Velcro instead of screws to enable a quick change of plates.

They are just two of the constant stream of foreign born Muslim immigrants committing vile sex crimes. At the end of the day it is the taxpayer who has to fork out for the trial costs,legal fees,interpretors and their stay at one of HMP’s finest establishments for the duration of their sentence. Unless they are immediately deported, upon release the first port of call will be the DWP where they will make a claim for benefits,free housing and council tax.

The joys of immigration, this is the leftists great vision of multiculturalism for you. 

TWO men have been convicted of trying to abduct young Wigan brothers.

A jury unanimously found Aram Younis and Hassan Meshedi guilty of attempted abduction and they have been remanded in custody to await sentence on January 16.

During their trial at Liverpool Crown Court, the jury heard that the two boys, aged eight and 10, were left upset and distressed after two men tried to entice them into their car in Abram.

The boys declined the offer to get into their vehicle as they left a rural park and ran home to tell their mother of their ordeal.

Iranian-born Younis, 23, of Irvine Street, Leigh and Meshedi, 31, of Chapel Street, Leigh, who were helped by a Kurdish Iranian interpreter, represented themselves during their trial.

Anthony O’Donohoe, prosecuting, told the jury that the incident happened on July 13 this year after the boys, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, left Crankwood Park in Abram after their mother rang telling them to come home. As they were walking along Crankwood Road, which is a cul-de-sac, a light blue Renault Clio approached from the opposite direction. It was driven by Meshedi and Younis was the passenger.

“Younis said through the open passenger window, ‘Do you want to come in this car?’. The boys replied, ‘No, we don’t know you’,” said Mr O’Donohoe. “Younis said, ‘Come on boys, it’s only a ride,’”

“In that moment the older boy sensed his brother was about to move towards the car so he pulled his brother back and both boys ran home. They immediately complained to their mother. They seemed upset and not surprisingly their mother was distressed to hear of this matter and immediately telephoned the police.”

A police officer came to their home and while there he received radio communication to say that two men matching their description had been detained in Plank Lane, Abram.

“At the scene they categorically denied speaking to any children and claimed they had been looking for a nice spot to relax in the sunshine and said they had bought themselves ice creams,” said Mr O’Donohoe.

They were arrested and when interviewed they admitted having been in the general vicinity but again denied speaking to any boys. Meshedi admitted that they had driven down a cul-de-sac.

The older boy picked out Meshedi on a video ID parade as the driver, added Mr O’Donohoe.

He also told the court that when the vehicle was examined it was found that the front and rear registration plates were attached with Velcro instead of being screwed on.

“When questioned about this Meshedi said it was in that condition when he purchased it.”

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