Saudi Funding Rape Jihad Paying $2 Million Bail Money For Muslim Rapists

It has long been known Saudi oil money has funded thousands of new mosque constructions around the World in non Muslim majority countries.  Saudi Arabia  is bankrolling the stealth jihad we are experiencing attempting to spread their hard-line Wahhabi version of Islam.

Now it would appearing they are using their unlimited cash to fund the rape-jihad also. The Saudi kingdom has paid the 2 million dollar bail money of a pair of Muslim rapists in  Missouri, USA. The pair of Muslim students were arrested for subjecting a female to a sex attack of the most heinous nature. The victim had her drink spiked in a nightclub by pair ,kidnapped and taken to an apartment. A concerned taxi driver alerted the police. By the time police arrived and located the woman she had been beaten and gang raped both vaginally and anally.

This kind of filth need exterminating not bailing out. I guess it goes to show the kind of moral less people the Saudi Wahhabi really are.

Saudi Arabia pays $2 million bail in Missouri sex assault case

December 20

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has posted $2 million bail for two men who were jailed in southwest Missouri in June after being charged in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman.

Rayan Mohammed A Alqabbaa, 21, and Ahmed Ayed A Alanazi, 27, are charged with kidnapping and forcible sodomy stemming from an alleged attack June 1 in Springfield. They each had been held on $1 million bail. The cash bond was wired to the Greene County Circuit Clerk’s Office on Tuesday, court records show.

The men, who were students at Missouri State University, must wear GPS ankle bracelets and their lawyers will keep their passports while they await trial, The Springfield News-Leader reported. They also can’t go to the nightclub where they met the woman and or any place where alcohol is the primary item served.

The men are scheduled for trial Feb. 3.

A cab driver called police because he was suspicious of how the men were treating the woman after he picked them up at Zan, a Springfield nightclub. Officers who found the woman at an apartment said she was partially clothed, crying, vomiting and asking for help, according to court documents. The woman later told police she had been abducted from Zan and someone might have put a drug in her drink, the documents said.

The men’s attorneys, Dee Wampler and Joe Passanise, say surveillance footage from the club contradicts some of the woman’s story.

Assistant prosecutor Stephanie Wan said Thursday she has only slight concern that the men could be deported without facing trial. She said she was confident immigration officials would coordinate with the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office before they consider deporting the men.

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