Video: LOL, Muslims Patrolling Sheffield Moaning About Roma Gypsy Immigrants

I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle to myself whilst watching this video at the irony and hypocrisy of it all. Pakistani Muslim immigrants in high viz jackets walking the streets of Sheffield to keep an eye on the Roma gypsy immigrants who have flooded the area.  Moaning about the negative effect they are having on the area and an increase in tensions between the Muslims and the Gypsies.

The Muslims are right, the Gypsy scroungers are not wanted or needed here and do drag the country down. 

Well now the Muslims know exactly how us Brit’s feel then at their mass influx and negative effect of the nation. How Muslim immigration has been destroying our country from within. Wiping out communities as places like Bradford, Burnley, Bolton, Tower Hamlets, Dewsbury, Rochdale, Oldham, Blackburn, Luton and Leicester fall victim to Islamization and turn into Muslim enclaves.

At least the Gypsies aren’t forcing their food on the Muslims! Or that Muslim children learn their heritage at school! Or Gypsy men aren’t grooming Muslim schoolgirls and raping Muslim women en masse like the British people have thanks to Muslim immigration

7 thoughts on “Video: LOL, Muslims Patrolling Sheffield Moaning About Roma Gypsy Immigrants”

  1. Both factions should fuck off back to where they belong, but in the meantime watch the Roma because they will not take any shit from the muslimes and will definately stand and fight their (adopted) corner, unlike the majority of Brits that have forgotten the sacrifices made by the proud men and women that gave their lives in various wars and what that was supposed to represent.

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