Bolton Pub To Become New Islamic Sixth Form

Bolton is well on its way to becoming an Islamic enclave. Muslims are taking over the place that’s for sure.Racist Muslims attacking infidels.  New mosques getting planning permission despite objections. Schools where only halal meals are served. An appeasing council who have given Bolton Council Of Mosques over a million pounds in funding. Males getting raped after a night out. Pervert Muslim cab drivers grooming schoolgirl passengers.

RIP Bolton

New Islamic sixth form

5:37pm Monday 16th December 2013 in In brief

AN Islamic school has been given the go-ahead to build a new sixth-form centre for its pupils on the site of an old pub.

Al Jamaiah al Islamiyyah Darul Uloom applied to turn the former Willows Public House into a new ‘graduate centre’ for the existing Muslim institute, with sits on the corner of Hawthorne Road and Willows Lane.

The new build will provide enough space for seven classrooms and 10 dorms for residential students.

Councillors agreed with the planning officers’ recommendation to approve, saying that the design would mean a new, modern educational facility being provided.

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