Afghan Asylum Seeker Mohammad Salem Nazari Says Alleged Assaults On Teen Girls Were Accidents

An Afghan asylum seeker in Australia went on a 25 minute molesting spree at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre sexually assaulting 7 teenagers. After being arrested by police he claimed all 7 incidents were by accident because he was a bad swimmer. The pervert must think the Aussies are as gullible and stupid as people back in his homeland if he thinks people will believe his defence. More like he saw young females showing a bit of flesh and like so many Muslims couldn’t control his own sexual urges.

Unlike here in the UK, the Australian authorities don’t mess about and have already revoked his asylum claim and told him on his release he will be deported back to Afghanistan. If he was here he would still be here 5 years later claiming benefits while he fights deportation on human rights laws

Dog-paddle swim sex defence: Afghan asylum seeker Mohammad Salem Nazari says alleged assaults on teen girls were accidents


DECEMBER 12, 2013 12:00AM

Mohammad Salem Nazari with police / Picture: Channel 9

Mohammad Salem Nazari with police / Picture: Channel 9 Source: Supplied

AN Afghan asylum seeker accused of indecently assaulting seven teenage girls in 25 minutes at a western Sydney swimming pool claimed the incidents were accidents – because he couldn’t swim.

Mohammad Salem Nazari, 33, yesterday pleaded not guilty during a bail application in Burwood Local Court to the allegations made by the girls, aged 14 to 18.

Magistrate Chris Longley refused bail on the basis of the number of alleged victims and the seriousness of the assaults, allegedly carried out in which police said were at the “highest level” of the alleged offences committed inthe Rapid River Ride at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on Sunday.

Nazari’s bridging visa has already been revoked and if he is given bail at a later date he will be placed in a detention centre.

He required a Dari interpreter when he appeared via video link from Silverwater jail – but his appearance was delayed because he got lost inside the jail on his way to the video link room and prison guards were unable to locate him.

His lawyer Peter Allport eventually told the court Nazari was a poor or “non-swimmer” and he came into contact with the girls because of the current the whirlpool ride created.

Police facts tendered to the court said the accused admitted in an interview after his arrest he touched the girls but said it was accidental.

Police said he showed no remorse and appeared “extremely nonchalant” about the seriousness of the allegations. They also said the girls were traumatised by the alleged assaults.

Nazari is accused of grabbing the girls around the waist, touching their thighs, bottoms and breasts.

One girl told her father who reported the incident to pool security. They started monitoring Nazari through CCTV until police arrived.

He will reappear in court in January.

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