Iranian Immigrant Jailed For Raping Vulnerable Woman In Swindon

When Muslim immigrant Hamid Erfani first arrived in the UK from Iran, the chances are he would have claimed his reasons for wanting to live here were to escape some kind of persecution and in fear of his life. The PC loving Marxists who constantly tell us that immigration is oh so great and a benefit to our country would have sprang to Erfani’s defence had anybody objected to his application at the time. Screaming fascist, racist, Islamophobic and quoting ECHR laws about everybody has the right to live a peaceful life etc….

The human right to live a peaceful life, tell that to the poor victim whose life will be anything but peaceful after being raped in her own home by a Muslim immigrant. I’m pretty sure she could tell people a thing or two about being in fear of your life after the ordeal she has been through.

It is not fascist, racist, or Islamophobic to object to Britain being invaded by hordes of uncivilized, anti-social  immigrants who have no respect for our country, its traditions,people or laws. It’s called common sense!!

It speaks volumes that he has been here over 7 years and needed an interpreter in court because he still cannot speak or understand English. 

Iranian sentenced to six years in prison after raping vulnerable woman

4:18pm Thursday 12th December 2013 in News

Iranian Immigrant Jailed For Raping Vulnerable Woman In Swindon Hamid ErfaniHamid Erfani

HAMID Erfani was this afternoon sentenced to six years in prison for raping a vulnerable woman in her own home in November 2012.

Erfani, a 34-year-old Iranian immigrant of Reading Street, Swindon, who arrived in this country in 2006, faces automatic deportation subject to a final decision by the Home Office.

Following a four-day trial at Swindon Crown Court last month, Judge Euan Ambrose passed sentence at Bristol Crown Court today as Erfani stood with an interpreter.

The court heard Erfani had ignored his victim’s protests as he carried out the attack on a sofa in her living room.

He said: “I have considered the vulnerability of the victim, the knowledge you had of her vulnerability and the effect of the offence on her.

“In all the circumstances, this is a case so serious that only an immediate custodial sentence can be justified.

“In my judgement the appropriate sentence is six years in immediate custody.”

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