Angola Officially Bans Islam, Lets Hope It Catches On

islam officially banned in Angola world leaders in counter jihad

In something of a World first, the African nation of Angola has officially banned Islam.  Yes you did read that right BANNED ISLAM. The Angolan government even went one step further and declared as Islam is now illegal, all mosques must be demolished. Lets hope this trend catches on and other infidel lands follow suit.

The 95% Christian country having seen the negative effect  Islam has had in other nations around the World with all the problems that come with it,decided Islam was not wanted there and outlawed it. Good move if you ask me. Stop it now before it has chance  to spread and multiply like a cancer of the nation.

On November 24, Angola President José Eduardo dos Santos said that the country is working toward putting an end to Islamic influence in Angola once and for all.

islam banned in angola. On November 24, Angola President José Eduardo dos Santos said that the country is working toward putting an end to Islamic influence in Angola once and for all.

The Angolan Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva was quoted by news agencies and Angola newspapers as saying, “The process of legalisation of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human rights, their mosques would be closed until further notice.”As part of the ban, the Angolan government ordered the demolition of the mosques in the country.

According to Silva, the decision was the latest in a series of efforts to ban “illegal” religious sects in the country. Silva’s statement was made during her appearance last week at the 6th Commission of the National Assembly. The minister said the move was a necessity in order to fight the emergence of congregations whose worshipping is contradictory to the customs of Angola culture.

The governor of Luanda summarized the act stating that radical Muslims were not welcome in Angola and that the government was not ready to legalize the presence of mosques in the country.

The Angolan government have used common sense in seeing Islam for what it really is and realising the threat to their culture,traditions and the Angolan peoples futures posed by Islam and Muslims. Unlike the establishment of the UK and other Western non Muslim countries where political correctness loving communists have infiltrated the system meaning bending over backwards to accommodate the Muslims who are never happy or grateful for it, while they do there best to destroy the country so it ends up resembling lawless dumps like Pakistan or Somalia.

Angola setting the standards in opposing the threat of Islam, which the World needs to follow

8 thoughts on “Angola Officially Bans Islam, Lets Hope It Catches On”

  1. All religion should fall to the same fate. Its out dated and it is no longer needed as a supplement for education, in the modern world. Put it to a vote and it would be a Catholic Church being torn down, as well, in Canada. The youth of today are enlightened and we are pissed of.

    1. Its already took hold in all these countries to stop it now would lead to mass civil unrest as there are so many of them and more being allowed to come can the politicians not see whats happening to their countries and tell me why if these people hate the west and their culture so much do they still flock to all western countries why? Because most wars take place with the enemy outside very clever tactic they use infiltrate every western country breed the host out and dispose of the non believers but before this happens they need to take control of government so they get themselves elected into decision making roles then they will elect more of their own then sharia law will be implementedthen there will be ethnic cleansing end result conquered western civilisation by islam and who is controlling this you might ask saudi, iran and syria these wars like in syria are started for a reason wars = refugees= disguised militants and islamists pass themselves off as refugees so they can get into those nice western countries with those nice pc politicians please take your rose coloured specs off before its too late.

      1. you are sooo stupid… in the future you kids will see how there father or mother is stupid… we go to westyern countrys not to “conquer them” we go to have a better live .. the wars you talking about like iraq war how make him?? exactly western countrys .you are very clever or so dump to say shit like this..hashha you make me laugh.
        you are a perfect arian right?hahaha all the races are mixed and the yours too so if in the future are a lot of muslims is correct if this people have representation ploiticaly .you have a sick mind

        hahaha western countrys atak the islamic countrys and we are the bad ones ….poor of you…

        pd: i hove the owner of the page dont bane that…

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