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To the patriots and counter jihadists who have messaged via the  on site contact with links and stuff. Thank you.  Iv not got the time at the moment to email you all back personally as i would like to due to work commitments. Your messages were much appreciated.  No Surrender.

To Muslim apologist and most likely a UAF member James Payne who thinks Muslims are cool and that scumbag middle class white trash like me are what’s ruining this country. You wonna open your eyes to what’s happening around you and come back down to earth from your heroin induced semi concious sledging session before engaging your mouth. Middle Class LOL id say you and your SWP comrades are far more middle class than i ever have or ever will be.  Winston has a message specially for you James.

Muslims who have messaged,change the record please it gets boring after the 100th time of being told you will rape my mother/sister/daughter/gran/ dog etc. Please read the section on the contact page that says Read This before you send as all is explained


One thought on “Contact Info Feedback”

  1. Its amazing that with so many visitors Only a few of us are brave enough to press like ! Its bloody cowards like that who are to afraid to speak out but let us do it that are helping us lose the war ! Speak out for fucks sake Hit the like button it wont bite, stand up for this country and freedom and god help us all…NFSE

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