Birmingham Needle Attacker Back In Action. 6 More Victims Come Forward

A few months ago i posted about a Muslim sicko stabbing women with hypodermic needles. The women had been on nights out in Birmingham City Centre when randomly targeted by the needle attacker. It seems he is back in action terrorizing young female with his attacks. Police are currently investigating 5 attacks and having recently appealed another 6 potential victims have come forward.

The crimes are certainly of a strange nature and pretty much unheard before.

My own take on this is either the Muslim responsible either thinks he is HIV+ or infected with something else that can be passed on by contaminated needle as there is no mention of the syringe containing drugs or mention of bad reaction after being stabbed. Or he just gets off on traumatising women allowing them to think they may have caught something for the long period they then have to wait for a HIV test result. Some kind of sick power trip.

His attacks have taken place late at night outside nightclubs, places where Muslim women would not be. Would suggest non Muslim women, most likely white are targeted. Very possibly a religious hate/racist motivation. If he was just a nutcase randomly targeting people he would just be as likely to stick a needle in a burka clad woman in asda or on the high street which he is not doing.

Birmingham needle attacker could have stabbed SIX more women with hyperdermic

20 Nov 2013 14:44

Officers released a new CCTV image featuring a second man who may have witnessed one of the stabbings

Appeal: Suspect circled in red and a potential witness circled in green
Appeal: Suspect circled in red and a potential witness circled in green
West Midlands Police

Police investigating five needle attacks on women have had reports of SIX further attacks which could be linked to the same suspect.

Officers released a new CCTV image featuring a second man, circled in green, who may have witnessed the stabbings  in Birmingham.

It was taken about 3am on Sunday 3 November, when a 30-year-old woman felt a sharp pain in her thigh – later confirmed as a puncture wound.

A first CCTV picture of the suspect was released by officers on Friday, at which point they were investigating five alleged incidents.

Some victims have faced agonising blood tests to see if they had contracted HIV or other diseases.

CCTV image of a man suspected of attacking women with a hypodermic needle in Birmingham city centre
Appeal: Police have released this image of a suspect in connection with a series of needle attacks on women in Birmingham
West Midlands Police / Getty

Det Insp Julie Woods said: “We have received several calls with information following the appeal on Friday and are currently following these up.

“We have also received reports of six further attacks going back over the last six months which could possibly be linked to the same suspect.

“These are strange offences and the motive at this stage is unclear, but we do not underestimate the anxiety and stress that the attacks can cause.”

Police have increased patrols in and around Birmingham city centre.

Anyone who recognises the man in the image should contact detectives on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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