Muslim Leader Argues Sexual Exploitation Charges Against Him Violate His Religious Freedom

As somebody who keeps a watchful eye on the actions and things being said by the religion of peace   Muslims. There is never any shortage of WTF moments. Just when you think you have seen and heard it all,  another always comes along soon after.

Muslim Leader Nermin Spahic has provided the latest WTF . My initial thought was did he really say that  and had to double check. Yes he did….after being arrested for sexual exploitation the Muslim imam from Iowa has claimed the charges ‘violate his religious freedom’

Muslim Leader Nermin Spahic Argues Sexual Exploitation Charges Against Him Violate His Religious Freedom

A Muslim leader in Des Moines, Iowa, who was charged with various counts of sexual abuse against multiple women is claiming that the charges violate his right to religious freedom.

Nermin Spahic has been officially charged with one count of third-degree sexual abuse and two counts of sexual exploitation by a counsellor or therapist after a 42-year-old woman and her 18-year-old daughter told police that he abused them during a religious ceremony. Spahic was arrested for the alleged sexual assaults in August.

Spahic and his attorney Angela Campbell argue that because he had never met the two women prior to the religious ceremony and he was not offering any sort of “mental health services,” no formal relationship was formed and using his religious position to charge him with sexual exploitation is “unconstitutional.”

“The ceremony he was performing was not psychotherapy, nor was it counseling,” said Campbell in the motion. “The sexual exploitation charges are therefore necessarily based on his religious identity and the religious nature of his relationships to the accusers.”

Under Iowa law, therapists and counsellors are not allowed to participate in any sexual conduct with their patients, but Campbell is arguing that Spahic does not fall under this law because he had no formal relationship with the women.

The woman called Spahic to her home for help with her daughter, whom the woman claimed had been dealing with depression and drug use. Spahic allegedly performed a religious ceremony that involved rubbing the body with oils, and that is what the women are considering to be sexual abuse. Police arrested Spahic shortly thereafter.

While Spahic awaits trial in December, he and his lawyer are doing what they can to try to get the exploitation charged dropped on the grounds that his religious freedom has been violated.

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