Pervert Bolton Taxi Driver Loses Licence After Improper Behaviour Towards 13yr old Passenger

If a family member was to advance book a taxi with a large local cab firm, one with over 400 drivers and the market monopoly over an 8 mile radius. With it logged at the cab office and the taxis all fitted with a tracking system,Then you would expect the firms designated driver to get your loved one to their destination safely, without any kind of hassle. After all its a daytime pick up from a house and the driver is linked to the job,being so easily traceable he would be stupid to do anything other than his fare ……wouldn’t he??   Well not if the driver is a Muslim working for  Metro Taxis in Bolton.

This kind of hits home how perverse Muslim sexual deviants could quite easily affect anyone of us. The 13 year old victim in this post happens to be a relative of a site visitor who i have been in correspondence with, so I was aware of this incident a while back. Due to it being investigated and unreported i was reluctant to post. As the last thing i wanted to do was mess anything up for the family .

Metro taxis from Bolton already had a bad reputation before this. Almost all of their 400 drivers are Muslims, renowned in Bolton and the NorthWest for ripping their customers off and making sexual and suggestive comments to passengers. This isn’t the 1st time Metro’s Muslim drivers have appeared on this site either. Earlier this year one Muslim driver was jailed for raping a 14 year old boy at a Bolton golf course. Another was in court for sexually assaulting a female passenger. If you ever happen to be in Bolton and needing a cab. I recommend giving Metro a very wide berth and finding alternative transport.

Metro taxis Bolton Muslim taxi drivers, sex attacks on passengers, ripping people off and making perverted comments to passengers

It was only for the frightened 13 year olds quick thinking and managing to escape from the car that the situation didn’t escalate further. The article in the Bolton News mentions  about the driver having the nerve to contact the girl after the police initially spoke with him. What they don’t elaborate on is the details

“what they didnt report on is how he barred her phone from dialling out to police and her parents whilst laughing at her, and how he called his mates to come help attack her, and how he tx and called calling her a white sl*t ect ect.”

Knowing how these Muslim nonces work, this doesn’t surprise me. Bullying and intimidation to try and get the already traumatised victim to drop the complaint against him. Standard Muslim behaviour. There has even been a couple of grooming gang court cases lately where Muslim paedos on trial have harassed the young victims to change their evidence.

The inappropriate questions to a child three times younger than himself, switching off his tracking device ,tampering with her phone and obtaining her number i am in no doubt he had sinister motives. For that reason i shall be adding him to the Muslim grooming/ paedo map.You can’t help wonder how many other schoolgirls he has tried similar with that haven’t been reported

Taxi driver who ‘tricked 13-year-old girl into giving him her phone number’ loses licence appeal

Bolton Town HallBolton Town Hall

A TAXI driver who got hold of a 13-year-old girl passenger’s phone number and is alleged to have asked her if she liked smoking drugs, has lost an appeal against his private hire licence being revoked.

On August 29, Bolton’s Council’s licensing committee revoked Riazuddin Malji’s private hire licence after deciding he was not a fit and proper person to hold one.

Yesterday at Bolton Magistrates’ Court he lost his appeal, with chairman of the bench Irene Smith telling him: “We do not find your evidence, Mr Malji, to be credible and do not accept any aspect of it.”

But the friend she was expecting to meet was not there so she asked to be taken on to the Beehive Roundabout.

The court heard Malji turned off his vehicle’s data system, which linked him to the Metro taxi’s office and enables the car’s route to be identified.

Mr Marrs said Malji, aged 39, of Essingdon Street, Bolton, asked the girl to ring his mobile phone, claiming it would enable him to top up his credit on it.

Mr Marrs added that the girl became so concerned by his behaviour that when the car stopped she said she needed to buy something from a shop, paid him the £24 he asked for and fled, leaving her house keys behind in her hurry.

A woman passerby took her to the nearby McDonald’s and called police.

Malji sent her text messages and rang her after he was questioned by police, allegedly calling her a liar.

Giving evidence, Malji claimed the girl had asked him for his phone number to drive her to Blackpool the following weekend and he did not realise she was only 13.

Speaking after the hearing, the girl’s mother said other parents should be made aware of her daughter’s frightening experience.

“I think she was very lucky and had the sense to get out (of the car) when she did,” she said.

She added that the teenager will not now go in another taxi and now relies on lifts from friends and family.

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