Glasgow Residents 1000 Signature Petition Against Planned Mosque

 It will be interesting to see the outcome by the council planners over the planned Mosque at Eastwood School. The local Labour party seem to be backing the proposed Mosque, whilst local residents have over 1000 signatures on their petition against the Islamic development that includes a mosque, community centre, halal butcher and soup kitchen. The proposed site of the development is within the grounds of Eastwood High School. The land was designated as a sports pitch for the school. Will the council give the go ahead to keep the Muslims happy at the expense of the pupils sports and risk upsetting the majority of local residents ????


Mosque protesters ‘backed by Muslims’ over school site

CAMPAIGNERS protesting plans for a mosque in the grounds of their school claim Muslim community members are also against the scheme.

East Renfrewshire Council is consulting on a proposal to build a mosque, community centre, halal butcher and soup kitchen next to Eastwood High School.

Council bosses claim the land is not part of the school, but residents say a map of the campus shows it is intended for pupil use.

Newton Mearns Community Council held a meeting for 300 local residents.

David Jesner, chairman of the Newton Mearns Community Council, said: “We had an excellent meeting and the Muslim community was very well represented.

“Every member of the Muslim community who spoke at the meeting was not in support of these proposals, much to our relief and delight.

“What we are asking now is that the Muslim community, who are split into several different groups, come together and select a community leader who we can sit around a table with.”

As revealed in the Evening Times, East Renfrewshire Council launched a consultation on proposed changes to its Local Development Plan.

The plan includes moving a religious building from an original site at Maidenhill to what parents say is the site for a second playing field at Eastwood High.

Campaigners have organised a 1000-signature petition as well as arranging the public meeting.

Currently there are no permanent places of worship for Muslims in Newton Mearns, despite repeated requests.

A proposal for the site was lodged by Dr Nazir Ahmed, a trustee of the East Renfrewshire Mosque and Community Centre group.

Those opposing the scheme say there are two alternative sites that could serve as grounds for a mosque.

Mr Jesner added: “There is plenty of goodwill towards the Muslim community but if they can’t get their act together, then that will damage goodwill.

“We ask that they withdraw the submission and we will get behind them and support them all the way to find a suitable place for a mosque.”

A spokeswoman for East Renfrewshire Council said: “We have asked local people for their views and last month began a six-week consultation. It is right that all groups have the opportunity to have their views heard before the consultation ends on November 20.”

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