Bishop fears sharia bonds pave way for more Islamic law

Its bad enough communists and the far left aiding the Islamization of the UK.  Now dhimmi Dave is opening the doors for more sharia law.

Bishop fears sharia bonds pave way for more Islamic law

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former bishop of Rochester, warns plans by David Cameron to issue a sharia-compliant bond could have “unforeseen consequences”

The Church of England is facing divisions over proposals to introduce a formal service for gay couples

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former bishop of Rochester, said plans to introduce sharia-compliant bonds should be subject to a public debate Photo: GETTY IMAGES

By Edward Malnick, and John Bingham

9:00PM GMT 02 Nov 2013

David Cameron’s plans to issue sharia-compliant bonds open the way to Islamic law being enforced at the heart of government, a senior clergyman has warned.

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former bishop of Rochester, said proposals to make Britain the first non-Muslim country to sell a bond that complies with sharia could trigger a series of “unforeseen consequences”.

He also voiced broader fears that Christianity was being increasingly excluded from the administration of law, after one of Britain’s most senior judges said members of the judiciary were “secular” figures serving a “multicultural community”.

Last week the Prime Minister set out plans for Britain to issue a sukuk, a form of debt that is in line with Islamic law, because it avoids the prohibited use of “riba”, or interest.

The bonds, which will be worth around £200 million, would pay a fixed return based on the profit generated by an underlying asset, such as government buildings.

Speaking at the World Islamic Economic Forum in London on Tuesday Mr Cameron said Britain should rival Dubai as one of the “great capitals of Islamic finance”.

The Prime Minister told senior officials and business leaders from Muslim countries it would be a “mistake” for Britain to turn away their money when “Islamic finance is growing 50 per cent faster than traditional banking”.

However, Dr Nazir-Ali, who holds dual British and Pakistani citizenship, said of the plans: “This means that the Government itself will be subject to sharia in its dealings on these bonds.

“At the moment the issue is pretty modest, but how much will it grow? There’s a lot of liquidity out there and it could grow pretty rapidly, and then you may face a situation where a major part of your financial system is governed by sharia-compliant considerations.”

He added: “Before we take these steps that could have unforeseen consequences we do need greater public discussion, greater explanation of what actually is being done and what it is we are letting ourselves in for.”

The bishop said that a public debate on the introduction of the bonds should include whether sharia judges should be allowed to adjudicate in disputes over government-backed investments.

“They must be taking advice already from sharia scholars to put together these products. Has there been any discussion that such advice can be taken and that such adjudication can be acceptable in terms of official policy?”

Even among Muslim scholars the principle of whether commercial interest was prohibited had been called into question, Dr Nazir-Ali said.

In 2008 Lord Williams of Oystermouth, the then archbishop of Canterbury, drew criticism for calling for “a constructive accommodation” with some aspects of Muslim law.

At the time Dr Nazir-Ali said it would be “simply impossible” to have sharia and British laws operating side by side.

Baroness Cox, an independent peer who has tabled a Private Member’s Bill in the Lords to rein in unofficial sharia courts and councils, said: “Any extension of quasi or parallel legal systems is utterly unacceptable.”

Plans for the first government bond compliant with sharia come after as the value of nearly 50 sukuks on the London Stock Exchange has reached £21  billion.

Britain’s most senior Muslim politician Baroness Warsi, the faith minister, who co-chairs the Government’s new Islamic finance task force, told The Telegraph faith “has a role to play in our growth agenda”.

Mr Cameron’s plans were welcomed by the Muslim Council of Britain, which described the announcement as a “very significant milestone for the community”.

Farooq Murad, the council’s secretary general, said: “The issuance of the sukuk would enable all of us to save money using safer instruments that comply with Islamic principles.

“Islamic pensions and investment funds would also be able to use the sukuk to balance their portfolios, leading to greater choice in the market.”

A Treasury source said the bond would comply with British laws “first and foremost”, adding that if investors did not think it was compliant with sharia law they simply “won’t invest in it”.

Dr Nazir-Ali also issued a rebuke to Sir James Munby, the President of the Family Division, who last week suggested that Christianity no longer influenced judicial decisions.

Sir James told family lawyers: “Although this country is part of the Christian West, and although it has an Established Church, which is Christian, we sit as secular judges serving a multi-cultural community of many faiths, sworn to do justice to all manner of people.”

Dr Nazir-Ali disputed whether Sir James’s view was the correct constitutional position. Members of the judiciary sit “as judges of the crown”, he said, adding that the coronation service and oath makes clear that the monarch is required to “uphold the laws of God”.

Dr Nazir-Ali said: “The Queen professes at the time of the coronation to uphold the laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel.

“So, whatever you may feel, you can’t say constitutionally that you are sitting as secular judges in a multi-faith society. He may feel that — that’s fine, it’s up to him to feel it — but that’s not the constitutional position as far as I see it.”

5 thoughts on “Bishop fears sharia bonds pave way for more Islamic law”

  1. Christian world needs to stop pointing venomous fingers at the Muslim world. Starting with the Crusades, the Inquisition, the wholesale slaughter of native Americans, the religious wars in Europe…Christianity hasn’t exactly been a shiny example. Islam teaches women are free and empowered individuals that are equal before God (one of the reasons why Muslim women not required to change surname after marriage i.e. they are not considered chattel). ‘Hijab’ is actually applicable to both believing men and women who are requested to cover their shapes when in public.

    Quran states ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ i.e. you can’t force people in to belief. p.s. Muslims can marry people of other monotheistic faiths. Around 5,000 British people convert to Islam every year – and most of them are women. No wonder people are fed up with their so-called Western life style. But in fact most of the Western converts to Islam are women, which is the clearest affirmation of how well women are treated (contrary to the widely perceived images spread by certain segments of the media).

    The fear of Christians converting to Islam has haunted the Church ever since the times when missionaries were sent to the Holy land to convert Muslims to Christianity but never came back. Instead they converted to Islam and stayed, drawn in no doubt by the fact that they could be spiritual and enjoy a good standard of living at the same time. If Islam did not cherish women, I don’t think these intelligent women would convert. You need to got beyond the stereotype of Women in Islam

    According to Islam; they are reverts. Nothing much to do with Christianity or Judaism; but the belief that all children are born in to Islam, but raised differently by their parents; hence those who accept Islam are merely reverting back to their original faith. Secondly; unlike other religions; Islam has no problem accepting other beliefs and religions as a different path to the same one God. After all God sent 124000 prophets since Adam; and they were all before Islam; Muhammad(PBUH) was the last amongst them. Islam is a continuation of the original beliefs; so it is not wholly shocking to say there are similarities to the bible/ to rah. It would be more surprising if there weren’t any; considering Islam accepts that they were the true faith for their time; however it was they that became distorted overtime; and Islam came to rectify that.

    Islam offers inner quietness and solace to over a billion people, influencing countless households to try to live decent lives. It also offers a balance against crass materialism, encourages care for older relatives, a sense of identity beyond mere individualism. I see beauty and admirable idealism in the devotions of Muslim colleagues, and patients. I see the love of Muslim families at times of crisis. In the mosque, in women’s circle, I can almost feel the relief and the stillness at the centre of my being. This faith matters hugely to so many people. Am I so important that I should deride them?

    One thing those who write against “conversion” do not realize is that those converts found out how false was all that propaganda against Islam. I’ll give two very clear examples. Someone is wondering “I have always wondered how convert women reconcile the dogma of the faith …. Here are some koranic verses on women” then quotes false reading of the Quran. Anyone who read the Quran will find out. The commenter quotes verse 4:15 which was a temporary ruling in a gradually built new society. But the commenter ignores the final ruling in Verse 24:2 which mentions explicitly men and women in equal terms for adultery punishment.

    The commenter mentions “Two female witnesses equal one male witness: in verses:282”. This verse deals with some financial dealing and the main concern is justice and has to take in account how familiar witnesses are with that case. The Quran in other cases does not differentiate, Verses 24:6 – 24:9 which handles the case when a women is accused by husband of adultery, when both give, in exactly same way, opposite testimonies, the women word will be taken.

    In Islam, I would like to tell that we don’t have any conflicts between science and our religion. On the contrary, many of new science theories proves that our holy book ‘Quran’ must be from Allah, this is because it tells us with science facts that has been discovered only recently. Although Quran is from 14 centuries, it has many signs that earth is spherical, in addition is has signs about the Big Bang theory of the universe creation, in addition it has many science facts about the stages of women pregnancy and how the child is created, and a lot of other things that tell us that the Quran must be from the God.

    1. @IA: “many of new science theories proves that our holy book ‘Quran’ must be from Allah, this is because it tells us with science facts that has been discovered only recently”

      They have kept those discoveries quiet then. Are you referring to Quranic science such as males producing sperm in the ribs?? Or maybe camel urine being Mohammed’s miracle cure for all ailments ?? Or a child resembling which ever parent orgasms 1st during the conception ?? Or the sun revolving around the earth ??.

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