Muslim Sex Offender Who Attacked Teen On Bus Receives Soft Fine

Muslim child molester Mohammed Talukder has benefited from Britain’s 2 tier justice, but getting a poxy £110 fine for sexually attacking a girl on the bus. Anybody that deliberately carries out a random sexual assault on a female, let alone a child should be jailed. There is absolutely no excuses for doing it. What kind of example does it give to other potential Muslim nonces.

Sex offender who attacked teen on bus receives fine from magistrates

Saturday, October 26, 2013

By Ruth Mosalski

A MAN who sexually assaulted a teenager while she was on a bus has left court with a fine.

Mohammed Talukder, aged 34, attacked the girl as she took the X13 bus from Ammanford through Pontarddulais.

Talukder, from St Teilo Street, was one of six people who got on the bus at the town’s library and he chose to sit next to the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, despite there being several other empty seats.

He began to speak to her and asked where she was going but she became concerned by the type of questions he was asking.

She said he told her he worked at Chillis in Pontarddulais where he was a chef but because of his accent she could not understand his name.

Talukder, who appeared in court with the aid of a Bengali interpreter, then took the girl’s hand and started rubbing a pen mark he had seen on her hand.

Prosecutor Linda Baker said: “She didn’t want him to touch her and pulled away from him.”

Mrs Baker said he then took hold of her other hand and told her she had soft hands.

The girl turned away and looked out of the window because she said she was frightened by his behaviour and wanted it to stop.

But he again spoke to her, next asking her for the time, even though she could see his watch. She answered him because she did not wish to provoke him but he then used her hands to rub his face.

Again she pulled away but he started to touch her hair, even when she tried to get off the bus, he continued talking to her.

As she got off, he told her to keep in touch with her and made her promise to meet up with him again.

He admitted a single charge of sexual touching.

Phil Huxtable, for Talukder said as a result of being arrested from his place of work he had now been made redundant.

He would now move to Birmingham to live, he told city magistrates.

The court was told he had moved to Swansea after separating from his wife.

Magistrates fined him £110, told him to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £85 in costs. He was also told to pay the teen £100 compensation.

Talukder will also have to notify police about his address for the next five years.

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2 thoughts on “Muslim Sex Offender Who Attacked Teen On Bus Receives Soft Fine”

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    This is absolute proof that you are just classed as a piece of shit in your own country, I am sick to death of seeing the zionist elite letting these scum off, we are under 5th column attack.light the beacons,light them far and wide

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