Tower Hamlets Islamist Mayor Lutfur Rahman Claims Theres An EDL Witch-hunt Against Him

Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman  is now claiming he is a victim of a witch-hunt. He has accused the Labour of starting it off leading to it being picked up and exaggerated by the English Defence League because of  anti-Muslim bigotry. With local elections next year he is doing the often used Muslim tactic of playing the victim to further his own agenda.

When he was elected as mayor there was lots of accusations of postal vote rigging aimed at both Rahman and his backers Islamic Forum Of Europe. IFE are an extremist Muslim group who control the notorious East London Mosque/ London Muslim Centre. They are said to hold much behind the scenes power with great influence on Lutfur Rahman and his Islamist controlled council.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman does a pretty good job of bringing the criticism and heat onto himself without the need for the Labour Party or anybody else starting a campaign against him off. His own actions  do that. Like wasting public money on a full-time car and chauffeur to have at his disposal. Or his publicly funded self promotion drive in the councils free paper that costs 1.5 million pa to print and distribute. The TV adverts on UK Islamic channels to push his agenda and big himself up. Kafir Crusaders very own FOI request to Tower Hamlets Council just a couple of weeks ago that revealed that the Mayor and his council had been gifting the boroughs Muslim groups( including many IFE linked) £millions each year in grants and funding   Any criticism the Mayor and his council received are very much deserved.

Since being elected in dubious circumstances he has gone out of his way to unfairly look after his fellow Muslims. Siphoning council funds off to various Islamic Forum Of Europe linked organizations. Instead of promoting integration to the non-English speaking Muslim immigrant community by giving them free English lessons. Rahman did the complete opposite and offered Urdu lessons to enable people to communicate with the immigrants. Personally I think he well over stepped the mark on that one. It shows utter disrespect to every British born person.

Tower Hamlets has been rapidly going downhill to the point where its a no go area for the infidels. A full on Muslim ghetto centred around the extremist East London Mosque with its regular hate preachers. Unsafe streets where sharia is enforced and non-Muslims are targeted for attack. With their own IFE ‘religious police’ providing the law enforcement as we saw at the recent EDL demo there



Mayor says ‘McCarthyist’ critics fuel the EDL

Mayor Lutfur Rahman has been accused of hitting a “new low” after saying the local Labour Party started a witch-hunt against him.

Labour also rejected his claim their criticisms of him have been “picked up and amplified by the English Defence League” and “other parts of the local and national media”.

The article by the mayor, in an online newspaper last Wednesday, discussed anti-Muslim bigotry in some of the press.

Mr Rahman wrote that his problems with sections of the media started when his “local opponents on the right wing of the Labour Party” disagreed with him being selected as Labour’s mayoral candidate in 2008.

He said: “Their lurid claims that I was ‘extremist linked’ were taken to the Labour Party National Executive Committee and my candidature was blocked, re-instated and blocked again.

“I have no doubt that this latter day McCarthyism gave the green light to sections of the media to do its worst.”

Cllr Sirajul Islam, leader of the Labour group, said: “We know that the mayor is afraid of any public scrutiny, but this is a new low to avoid what are genuine concerns about the approach of his administration.“The mayor knows full well that Labour have campaigned consistently against the EDL.“To suggest otherwise is nothing but a cynical and sad attempt to use the EDL’s deeply divisive agenda to further his own personal political aims.”

Labour added that Mr Rahman was expelled for standing as an independent candidate in breach of party rules.The word “McCarthyism” refers to Joseph McCarthy, an American senator in the 1950s who led a ‘witch-hunt’ against supposed communists that cost many people their jobs for their political beliefs.In the piece, Mr Rahman called on Labour leader Ed Miliband to “get a grip” on the local Labour party and “stop the borough being exploited by sections of the media”.

A free newspaper delivered to 90,000 addresses every week by Tower Hamlets Council has been reported to an independent auditor by the Labour party over what it calls “political bias” in its reporting.In a letter to the district auditor, Labour said the council-run East End Life was a “flagrant waste of taxpayer money” and called for an investigation before the local elections next year.

The controversial freesheet has been criticised by Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, for flouting a government ban on what he called “Town Hall Pravdas”, referring to the official paper of the Soviet Union.Earlier this month, Labour councillors found 158 quotes and 92 pictures of the Mayor and independent councillors over the course of three months to August 13.

A Labour group inquiry revealed the freesheet is costing taxpayers £1.5 million a year.Cllr Sirajul Islam, leader of the Labour group in Tower Hamlets, said: “People need to see action is being taken to stop the mayor abusing his position and running the council as his own personal publicity machine.

“The bias that has been revealed in East End Life makes it clear that taxpayer money is being run for the mayor not for the people of the borough as it was intended.”

John Biggs, Labour’s candidate for mayor, said the use of East End Life “for political self-promotion is totally wrong” and pledged to review the paper immediately if elected mayor.

A council spokesperson said: “Local authorities have a duty to report back on the performance of the administration and the services available for residents, including those that affect health, community safety and social cohesion.”He said the council follows the guidelines in the Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity to make sure the council’s publicity is “fair, balanced and politically neutral”.

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