Channel 4 Gets Burka’d Up With Special News Feature Called Britain’s Niqab

UK TV station Channel Four have gone all Islamic again following on from Ramadam Season, they are now doing ‘Britain’s Niqab’.

Britain’s Niqab is a series of special Channel 4 News programmes looking at the controversies surrounding the wearing of the Niqab in modern Britain.From Tuesday to Thursday, Channel 4 News will be presenting a series of special reports examining and debating the wearing of the niqab.

Britain’s Niqab will include a series of films about women who have made a deliberate choice to wear the niqab. Another is a point of view film following one woman who wears the niqab and explores why.

On Thursday 24 October, Channel 4 News will broadcast a live debate in east London hosted by presenter Jackie Long for a special programme discussing the issues raised in the films. The debate will engage with women who wear the niqab and others who do not approve of it being worn.

Once again though, whenever its a controversial subject regarding Islam, it is from a Muslim point of view. It is all about Muslim women who have chose to wear the nijab and burka . Obviously they are going to defend their choice for doing so. OK it n may only be Muslim women who wear the nijab and burkas. But they affect society in general. Generally Muslim women who don’t wear the burka themselves or Muslim men do not overly object to them because its an Islamic thing.

Other than the communist far left who will say full face coverings are their choice, its the rest of the infidel population who object to them being worn in public. On Thursdays live debate from East London i very much doubt that the non hijab wearers debating the topic will be non Muslim Brit’s, the ones that have been calling for a ban in public of them.

Burkas and nijabs are no different than a balaclava, ski mask or crash helmet. Yet the latter you would need to remove if you went in a bank, hospital, court, airport, school etc etc. So in a world where political correctness and equal rights are demand, why should Muslims get any special treatment ? Leftists will say its a Muslim woman’s right to wear what ever she wants and why should they remove it. In that case its also a kafir males right to wear what ever they want, like a balaclava and not remove it. One rule for all !!!

Muslim burkas are a sign of extremist political Islam represented by the wahabi/salafist types in Saudi Arabia or Taliban era Afghanistan. This is Britain a non Muslim nation not some 3rd world totalitarian Islamic nation. They have no place in our society. They are anti social and intimidating to many, especially the elderly and children. They also have a negative effect on cohesion and integration.  Lets be honest who is going to strike up a random conversation with a Muslim in a nijab when all you can see is a pair of eyes

Quote from the Koran
O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is oft-forgiving, most merciful.

Even the few words in the koran that actually are regarding women’s dress doesn’t even say that it is compulsory to only show the eyes.  It does say that Muslims have always been sexual deviants though with the mentioning being molested.


4 thoughts on “Channel 4 Gets Burka’d Up With Special News Feature Called Britain’s Niqab”

  1. What most people don’t know is Ch4 is state owned, so that should give everybody some idea as to who is behind this agenda, THE UK GOVT !

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