The Islamic Republic Of Minnesota, USA – The Somali Immigrant Problem

The Islamic Republic Of Minnesota, USA – The Somali Immigrant Problem.  (VIDEOS- SCROLL DOWN)

Minnesota, provides handsome welfare programs compared with most American states for the asylum seeker Somalis. After the first wave of anti social Somalians are assigned there, the second wave of relatives and friends soon followed.

It is perhaps the least likely place to find tens of thousands of African refugees: the cold, snowy, middle of America. So why are there so many Somalis in Minnesota?

Minnesota, provides handsome welfare programs compared with most American states for the asylum seeker Somalis. After the first wave of anti social Somalian are assigned there, the second wave of relatives and friends soon followed. “As Somalis settle down, find a life, the good news spreads: ‘Hey this is a good place, you can find a life here for little effort’” 

As we have come to learn in the UK, Muslims love to play the system and get as much as they can for nothing. Minnesota with good handouts is like a magnet to the free-loading Somalis. Straight away that causes animosity as the American taxpayer see their money being handed out to people who refuse to integrate are anti social and inside actually despise the USA and its people due to the hardcore version of Islam they practice. 

It wasn’t long before the uncivilized Somalis began to recreate their lawless Islamic  hellhole on the streets of America. Muslim youths formed racist violent street gangs , Muslim child sex rings, Islamists trying to enforce sharia law and Somali tribal warfare with an increasing amount of murders. Previously quiet areas descending into Islamic ghettos. The problem is showing no sign of stopping. With the immigrants high birth rate the problems are only going to get worse.



Report on “Somali” gangs busted for child sex trafficking. In similar circumstances to the grooming by gangs of Pakistani Muslims here in the UK. Twenty-nine people have been indicted in a sex trafficking ring in which Somali gangs in Minneapolis allegedly forced girls under age 14 into prostitution in Minnesota, Tennessee, Ohio and other unnamed places,

One of the gangs’ goals was recruiting females under age 18, including some under age 14, and forcing them into prostitution in exchange for cash, drugs or other items.Gang members had been conspiring to recruit young girls for the sex ring since January 2000, the indictment said. The indictment claims three Minneapolis-based gangs were involved — The Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws — and that the gangs are connected. It outlines several instances when young girls were told to engage in sex acts for money, marijuana or alcohol.

Racist Somali “immigrant” thugs attack Americans behaving as violently as Somali Pirates. They created this video of themselves in action to brag about it. Acting like they are in the lawless cesspit they came from. Attacking non-Muslims randomly including children and the elderly.If they wasn’t Somali Muslims they was fair game.

Somali immigrant taxi drivers are trying to enforce sharia law on passengers they pick up from Minneapolis Airport.  There has been over 5,000 instances of Muslim cab drivers at the Minneapolis- St. Paul Airport refusing to transport passengers carrying alcohol. One woman was denied passage five times in a row by cab drivers before she finally found someone who would take her home.

There have even been instances of cab drivers refuse to transport blind people with guide dogs because Islam considers dogs as non halal and unclean. About three-quarters of cab drivers at the airport are Somali Muslims. This is a large proportion of the people who drive cabs. There was an attempt by the Metropolitan Airports Commission to solve this problem, to accommodate the Muslims like people always end up trying to do. They suggested a pilot program involving two colours of top lights on cabs who would and who would not transport people with alcohol.

The Somalian Muslim cab drivers as stubborn as ever refused in true Muslim fashion.  Compromise with infidels for a solution is not an option. With the for ever upset about something Muslims, its got to be their way or no way.


Violent, racist Somali Muslim immigrants bring race wars to the schools in Minnesota


14 thoughts on “The Islamic Republic Of Minnesota, USA – The Somali Immigrant Problem”

  1. Can any one of those Somali taxi driver tell me that where in Quran or Hadith it is written that they can’t carry alcohol in their taxis? There were no taxis when alcohol was first made, even in mo-ham-mad’s times. This is just pathetic muslims excuse. Get the Somalis out and get some non muslims from other countries if Americans don’t want t do the job of taxis

  2. The worlds politicians are evil and going to hell, for allowing this to happen. Two thirds of the worlds men are going to hell, for their evil crimes against women and children, and/or doing and saying nothing to stop it. Capital punishment for murderers, rapists, and pedophiles is required.

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