Nigeria Enters The Dark Ages As Backwards Sharia Law Enforced On Christians

Nigerian Sharia Police Crack Down on ‘Indecent’ Dress. Christians Must Dress Islamic

Nigerian Sharia Police Crack Down on 'Indecent' Dress. Christians Must Dress Islamic

Northern Nigeria has now officially entered the dark ages by enforcing the backwards,barbaric and very out dated sharia. Nigeria’s population is almost 50% Muslim 50% Christian. The North of the country is mostly Muslims while the south is majority Christian and often the target for Islamist massacres  by terrorists Boko Haram, is ruled by secular law.

Unlike in the infidel south of Nigeria or the rest of the non-Muslim world for that where there is religious freedoms for Muslims to follow their religion freely. The minority Christians in the Islamic North do not have such a luxury. ‘Saudi style’ Islamic police in northern Nigeria’s Kano state will begin enforcing Sharia law.  Kano is one of nine states in northern Nigeria that has introduced Shariah law. Ten thousand sharia officers will be patrolling  the streets making sure all citizens, including Christians, adhere to the strict Islamic legal code.

Law enforcement has orders to arrest anyone wearing “indecent dress” such as sleeveless T-shirts and pants that cut off just below the knee. They’ll also be watching the city’s small, motorized rickshaw taxis for men and women travelling together. Mixing of the sexes is also off-limits now with Islam’s sexist segregation rules. Political Islam is totalitarian in nature and promotes Muslim persecutors to oppress Christians

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