Boy Aged 14 Suffers Broken Jaw By Muslim Thug As He Walked Home For Lunch

Typical Muslim behaviour beating a 14 year old schoolboy up as he walked home for his dinner. No different to the grooming of vulnerable school girls, the rape jihad of lone females, beating women up and old men or the pack attacks 5 Muslims on 1 person that are scattered on posts throughout this site. Muslim thugs generally on pick the weakest in our society. They take on those who they know can’t put up much of a fight back. In a way the same as they control their Muslim wives getting a power trip from their bullying that they are in control of an easy target. 

Boy gets broken jaw in Manzil Way attack

9:30am Tuesday 15th October 2013 in News

A 14-year-old boy suffered a broken jaw when he was punched in the head as he walked home at lunchtime.

He was walking in Manzil Way, Oxford, at 1.45pm on Friday when a man in his late teens punched him several times.

Passers-by tried to intervene and the boy required hospital treatment.

Police say the attacker was described as Asian, slim and 6ft tall and was wearing an army-style camouflage jacket.

Anyone who saw the assault is asked to contact Dc Richard Allmond from Oxford Force CID on 101.

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