Tower Hamlets FOI Reply-Council Give Millions In Funding To Muslim Groups

In the last week Kafir Crusaders has posted the replies from 2 freedom of information requests regarding grants to Islamic groups. First was Bolton Council Of Mosques, then about Fiyaz Mughals dawah organizations TellMama / Faith Matters. Both received unjustifiable amounts of money in authority grants. Yet neither comes close to winding me up as much as this latest FOI response from Tower Hamlets council.

FOI TOWER HAMLETS. LBTH and its Islamist linked mayor luftur rahman have been handing out large amounts of money in grants to Muslim groups

At the end of July it was widely reported that Tower Hamlets council with its extremist mayor Lutfur Rahman at the helm had handed out around £600k to religious groups in building maintenance grants. Controversy is often not far away from LBTH islamist mayor and this time was no different. The fact that Muslim groups received 63.5 % of the designated funds compared to Christian groups 23.5% and others 11%   raised a few eyebrows. With many times hearing allegations of dodgy goings  on by Rahman and his Islamic Forum Of Europe(IFE) controlled council i decided to try and find out a little more where the cash has been going in terms of grants and funding. So in went a freedom of information request to Tower Hamlets council.


Islamic Forum Of Europe(IFE) are an extremist movement  based at and control the East London Mosque/London Muslim Centre in Tower Hamlets.It is the British section of Jamaat-e-Islami, which was responsible for horrendous war crimes in Bangladesh in the 1970s. It was founded by Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin,who  is now wanted in his native Bangladesh for war crimes and faces the death penalty. Uddin is also a prominent Muslim Council Of Britain member and Trustee of charity Muslim Aid. IFE are Islamofascists in every sense, their ultimate goal is to create a Muslim superstate out of the UK and the rest of Europe. IFE were central to Lutfur Rahman’s election win for mayor and said to be  behind alleged vote rigging. They hold much behind the scenes power and influence. During the recent English Defence League demo , IFE provided Muslim security to safeguard Muslims and their assets in T.H.  Al-Qaeda supporting leading IFE member Azad Ali’s Vice-Chair of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the link between Islamic far right and the communist far left


Kafir Crusaders FOI request:
1. How much money has the council paid in grants and funding to Islamic
charities and organisations in Tower Hamlets in last 5 years ?
2. What organisations are they and how much did they receive ?

FOI response :

Amount in grants/funding to Islamic charities org in LBTH past  5 years.  The Council does not have records of which Organisations are Islamic Charities, however below is a schedule of grant payments made to all organisation made over the last 5 years. We hope this information is useful.

They then provided 33 pages of grants handed out by Tower Hamlets council over the past 5 years including to non Muslim groups. After looking through as expected the big winners once again are Muslim groups who LBTH appear to of been throwing money at like its going out of fashion. Not exactly the way you would expect the council of 1 of the most deprived areas in the UK to act, especially in today’s financial climate when money is tight. Any public money given in grants and funding should be given to benefit the entire community and not just certain sections of it that are exclusive by race or religion.

Obviously certain charities listed are of benefit to all such as Citizens Advice etc . So who are the winners of the Tower Hamlets big cash hand outs ? The big jackpot winners are the Muslim groups as you would expect from the Islamist run council handing the funds out.

COUNCIL OF MOSQUES :   As we saw in Bolton, the council are bankrolling the local council of mosques. In LBTH they also happen to be Lutfur Rahman supporters who had leaflets praising the mayor made and distributed. IFE linked and listed as a group that is based at East London Mosque/London Muslim Centre controlled by Islamic Forum Europe and also IFE HQ

£42,000.00  2008-9
£109,238.00  2009-10
£109,098.00  2010-11
£63,250.00  2011-12
£96,500.00  2012-13


Part of the notorious IFE run East London Mosque complex events held there often host hate preachers and Islamists on a regular basis.
£66,510.00   2008-9
£2,040.00    2009-10
£40,000.00    2010-11
£20,000.00   2011-12
£60,000.00   2012-13
Way to Work Corporate Match Funding 45,000 2009-2010
Way to Work Corporate Match Funding 40,000 2008-2009

Large sums of money for a charity that according to its latest accounts filed with the charities commission has almost £3 million cash in the bank

Praxis Community Projects: a service entirely for asylum seekers and other migrants. Their website says they look after the well being of refugees, asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers, young unaccompanied asylum seekers foreign criminals. They believe in open immigration for all.

Praxis New Resident / Migrant Advice  Service:   £22,133   2012-2013,       £21,789   2011-2012,       £21,789   2010-2011,     £21,789    2009-2010,   £21,154   2008-2009

Praxis New Residents   Service – Housing   Housing General Fund    £10,250  2008-2009

Praxis Employment Access Economic Engagement     £28,733   2012-2013,      £40,700     2011-2012,   £40,700     2010-2011,  £40,700   2009-2010

LBTH have given Praxis in excess of £250k to advise asylum seekers on getting welfare benefits, failed asylum seekers and other illegal immigrants how to avoid deportation and .God knows what advice they give the foreign criminals mentioned. One thing you can be certain of it wouldn’t be telling them to piss off back to where ever they came from. Great give them money so they can give advice that will end up costing the taxpayer even more money

Here are some more Muslim jackpot winners thanks to Lutfur’s Lotto in ‘Tower Hamlets. Figures are total for the last 5 years in received grants. Some of those listed may have had 10 or more separate grants over that period so some of the figures you see are rounded down and not to the exact penny. ( £120,000 may be £122,643 etc)

Da’watul Islam UK and Eire  To inform and influence public policy and services in order to achieve better outcomes for British Muslims,    £120,000

Osmani Trust    Another IFE linked organization      £170,000

Bangladesh Football Association  £85,000

Jagonari Women’s Educational Resource Centre   Community centre for Muslim women  £190,000

Ocean Somali Community Organisation:  Group for Somalian Muslim immigrants    £ 500,000

Tower Hamlets Somali Organisations Network (THSON) £250,000

Somali Integration Team (SIT) £65,000

Wadajir Somali Community  £50,000

Somali Employment Project  -Tower Hamlets Somali Organisation Network:     £327,700

Muslim Women’s Collective  -Business Development     £108,685

Femploy Bangladesh Youth Movement  £57,188

Somali Girls Youth Support & Employment Project    £19,273

Betar Bangla:  Bengali radio station   £65,000

Bangladesh Youth Movement:  £ 57,188

Wapping Bangladesh Association £35,000

There are countless other Muslim organizations listed for smaller amounts £2k here and £4k there that if i listed them all would be still typing this time in 2 days. Therefore if you would like to see who they are here is the link to the full 33 pages FOI reply of grants

The Islamic Forum Of Europe who some say are Rahmans string pullers behind the scenes have done very nicely out of council grants over the 5 years. The council is almost sponsoring their  entire Dawah mission to spread Islam by funnelling off money through the various IFE controlled organizations. Donating to the London Muslim Centre who have nearly 3 million in the bank is criminal. The Bengali and Somalian Muslims in Tower Hamlets have had big money thrown at them by Mayor Rahman and his Islamic dominated council. Nobody looking at the figures can say the council hasn’t been looking after its own . Essential council services have been getting axed due to budget cuts that effect the whole community whilst the council bankrolls stupid amounts of Muslim organizations with public money in these big fat grants. 1 thing i can assure you is that there is no £40/50k per year to any London Christian Centre or similar. No £120,000 for the Da CofE UK and Eire to influence public policy in favour of Christians. No £327k for a British Employment Project or £108k for any British Women’s collective. 

Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Tower Hamlets Council, IFE and the rest of the Islamic groups who benefited are doing the same as Muslims up and down the UK do but only on a bigger scale…..Playing the system and leeching money off the infidel  establishment whilst contributing nothing to our society other than dragging it down.

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    1. What about the activities for the 86% non musliims who funds them ? nobody because there none.
      you say muslims pay taxes, Mulslims make up the biggest section of benefit claimants in the UK. The ones that do work half dont pay taxes because their illegal immigrants the other half most work for the Muslim charities who get all the funding. So they pay taxes from the government grants strictly speaking

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