186 Muslim Prisoners Sue Over Contaminated Halal Pies

Muslim criminals locked up in prison have seen £ signs in front of their eyes and are suing the UK government after it was found halal pies contained traces of pork. The Islamic inmates who include terrorists, grooming gang members and rapists claim their human rights have been breached. The Muslim prisoners who ate the pies gladly at the time and didn’t even know they contained pork until later will now be rubbing their hands at the prospect of using their religion for a nice pay-day.

In a non Muslim country, Muslims in the prison system shouldn’t be entitled to any special privileges such as halal food. They should of automatically lost any rights the moment they were incarcerated. They broke the law and are meant to be being punished, and should be treated no different than any other prison inmate. 

As for the human rights of all us  law abiding infidels on the outside  who bought beef burgers that were actually horse meat, or who object to being  given halal food without being told or asking for it  in places like KFC ……….TOUGH

Muslim prisoners sue over contaminated halal pies

Nearly 200 Muslim prisoners are suing the Government after being served halal food contaminated with pork, claiming their human rights were breached.

Adjudicators will decide how much compensation will pay for damage caused, making offenders financially responsible for their actions inside jail for the first time  Photo: PA

By Steve Hawkes, Consumer Affairs Editor7:30AM BST 29 Sep 2013

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has confirmed that 186 inmates have launched legal cases in an attempt to win compensation over the error.

Muslims are forbidden from eating pork under Islamic law.

However, tests on halal sausage rolls, shepherd’s pies, steak and kidney pies and pasties served in three separate prisons were found to have contained pork.

It is feared that if the legal cases are successful, they could leave the way open for a flood of similar claims from other prisoners. There are 11,248 Muslims in prisons in England and Wales, accounting for 13.1 per cent of the jail population.

Ministers are expected to oppose the legal cases amid growing concerns over the compensation culture in jails.

More than £13 million in compensation was paid to inmates last year for mishaps and delays in parole hearings – twice the figure from the previous year.

Jeremy Wright, the justice minister, said: “The Ministry of Justice has received a number of civil litigation claims following the discovery of contaminated halal food in March earlier this year. Each claim will be considered on its merits and robustly defended where appropriate.”

The legal cases are being brought by the prisoners under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which affords the right to the freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

The MoJ insisted that none of the 186 inmates has received legal aid to help them with their fight, but two prisoners have been awarded public money for a failed judicial review.

The contaminated meat products were discovered during investigations conducted during the horsemeat scandal earlier this year.

Halal sausage rolls served in HMP Sheppey Cluster, also known as Elmley prison, in Kent, were found to contain up to five per cent pork. The test results only emerged this week. Steak and kidney pies served in the same prison were also found to have contained 60-100 per cent pig meat.

Pork was also served in shepherd’s pie in HM Young Offender Institution Thorn Cross in Cheshire, while halal “beef and onion” pasties in HMP Verne on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, were also contaminated with pork.

The legal cases come amid fears of a growing compensation culture among prisoners.

Two years ago it emerged that £60 million was paid to criminals, prison staff and visitors to British jails over a four-year period for prison-related incidents. The sum included £16 million for 16,000 inmates. However, the compensation paid to prisoners last year alone was more than £13 million.

via Muslim prisoners sue over contaminated halal pies – Telegraph.

2 thoughts on “186 Muslim Prisoners Sue Over Contaminated Halal Pies”

  1. Why is the UK government pandering to these bastards?
    When you break the law and go to prison you should forefit your rights to anything, let alone choice of fucking pies!

  2. XX Steak and kidney pies served in the same prison were also found to have contained 60-100 per cent pig meat. XX

    100%, Then they were not bloody steak and kidney pies then, were they!? They were PORK pies.

    Having siad that, the bastards should be forcably injected with a pig fat solution every meal time.

    Although, THAT lot would probably enjoy a pork injection. They shag camels and donkeys, after all.

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