Muslim Sex Attacker Changes Victim’s Profile Picture To 1 Of HIMSELF And Gets Nicked


That was not a very wise move Afrasayab Khan. Enjoy your 3 year holiday courtesy of the crown at one of Her Majesty’s finest establishments 

Sex attacker changes victim’s profile picture to one of HIMSELF – and is then caught

25 Sep 2013 17:50 By Luke Traynor

Afrasayab Khan was tracked down by cops after his victim’s friends saw his picture on a mobile phone application and called 999 A bungling teen sex attacker who tried to rape a woman as she walked home was caught after he changed one of her profile photos on a social networking mobile phone app to a picture of HIMSELF. Vicious Afrasayab Khan, 18, terrified a student by grabbing her round the throat and demanding she perform a sex act on him. Khan and another man had approached the student as she walked home from a friend’s house after midnight. He told her to carry out a sex act on him after he and his accomplice stole her mobile phone and house keys. But the undergraduate was able to break free and escape without having to satisfy his demands, a court heard, as he was jailed for three years.

And it emerged Khan was tracked down by cops after he changed his victim’s profile picture on a phone application to one of himself, tipping off her friends who raised the alarm and called 999. The student was walking home at midnight from a pal’s on May 27 in Shelton, Staffordshire, when Khan struck. At Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court, prosecutor Fiona Cortese said: “The defendant said, ‘Alright darling, you are going to give us your money’. “She said she did not have any. The defendant told her to empty her pockets. She initially got her keys out and he took those from her. “The other man said she must have her mobile phone with her and he searched her pockets and took her mobile. “Khan got behind her and grabbed her round the neck while the other man searched her jacket pockets. “The defendant, holding her around the neck, demanded she perform the sex act on him. She refused to do so.” The woman managed to break free and run away, and the next day as she was in a pub with friends, she spotted her attacker’s picture on her website profile. Khan was arrested and although he denied involvement, he later pleaded guilty to robbery and committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence.

Sentencing Khan to three years detention, Judge David Fletcher said: “The student was making her way home. “She was restrained and items were removed from her. “She was told she was going to have to commit a sexual act on you, in the context of you holding her around the throat. “Luckily for her, she got away.”


via Sex attacker changes victim’s profile picture to one of HIMSELF – and is subsequently caught – Mirror Online.

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