After The Savagery In Kenya, Tell Mama’s Fiyaz Mughal Makes Out Muslims Are Victims

Fiyaz Mughal  from Tell Mama the so-called Anti Muslim hate crime monitor has once again seized the dawah opportunity in the media after the horrific barbaric savagery committed Islamic terrorists in Kenya this week. The shopping mall attack by Islamofascist jihadists left 67 infidel men,women and children dead.Murdered in cold blood after the terrorists allowed any Muslims to leave the mall.

Never one to shy away from the limelight as we saw in the aftermath of Woolwich. Where  Fiyaz Mugal and Tellmama spearheaded their own dawah campaign to turn the focus of attention away from the murder of  Drummer Lee Rigby by 2 Muslim killers into Muslims being the victims. Claims by TellMama of Muslims living in fear, a massive surge in hate crimes against Muslims and a never-ending cycle of violence being quoted by almost every media source in the UK.

So it’s a bit of deja vu after this latest terror attack in the name of Allah by the religion of peace when Mughal managed to thrust himself if the spotlight again portraying Muslims as the victims

British Muslims are worried about reprisal attacks in the wake of the Nairobi terror attacks, with a spike in the online reporting of Islamophobic abuse.Tell MAMA, which monitors reports of anti-Muslim attacks and abuse online, said they were seeing a upsurge in reporting.Around seven to 11 anti-Muslim attacks per day since Saturday are being reported online, the organisation said, attacks that are specifically referencing the Nairobi terror attacks on the Westgate Shopping Mall, where more than 60 people were massacred.”Once again an international incident involving people who have links to Al-Shabaab causes a rise in the number of anti-Muslim prejudice incidents,” Fiyaz Mughal, director of Tell MAMA told HuffPost UK.

“After Woolwich there was a huge spike, with a number of mini-spikes when there have been national or international incidents associated with people who happen to be Muslim.”

The big difference now though is, Tell Mama and Fiyaz Mugal have zero credibility left. He has been exposed as a liar, a non-existent ‘never ending cycle of violence’ and fiddling the figures. The majority of the alleged anti Muslim hate attacks turned out to be little more than name calling online. Tell Mama were engaging in the common Muslim tactic of taqiyya to try to get the sympathy vote. His dubious hate attack lies also cost them any further funding from the government when ministers pulled the plug on the taxpayer funding his storytelling. 

After The Savagery In Kenya, Tell Mama's Fiyaz Mughal Makes Out Muslims As Victims

If Mugal really was that desperate to get name checked by the press. Repeating the same Muslims are the victims ploy, which we already know is pretty much all rubbish is not the way to go. Stating that his fellow Muslims who committed such sickening violence in Kenya and any other terrorists like them are the utter filth of Islam would have been much more suitable. Thats to hard to do and admit any Muslim being in the wrong.

3 thoughts on “After The Savagery In Kenya, Tell Mama’s Fiyaz Mughal Makes Out Muslims Are Victims”

  1. The British government is again asking us ,Muslims, to adopt the” British values” and to integrate fully into the British way of life.

    But many so called “British values” are not acceptable to us.
    We would like to confirm again that we practising Muslim believers will never ever adopt or integrate into all these “destructive and immoral values”:

    -Sexual immorality, sleeping around,affairs,adultery and fornication,illegitimacy,teenage pregnancy, immoral sex education,pills and condoms and Morning after-pill to every one? ( the contraceptive mentality).
    -Sexually immoral programmes and messages daily on all TV and many radio channels and in magazines and newspapers.
    – The legalisation of homosexuality and homosexual practices(gays and lesbians).
    -the culture of death: killing every day 600 innocent unborn babies through abortion. And the killing of our old sick patients after stopping food and fluid to make them die from starvation and dehydration(Mental capacity Bill).
    -Alcoholic drinks and drug abuse which are causing hellish problems in all sectors in our society.
    -Yob culture
    -Gender-bending: women becoming like men and vice versa.
    -Disrespect for motherhood and full time mothers.
    -Broken families and neglect of elderly parents who are suffering and dying alone.
    -Unjust campaign of “Death and destruction” on concocted pretext.

    Let us all: people from all faiths(Islam, Christianity…) and from all nationalities: ADOPT FULLY THE DIVINE HUMANE SAFE HEALTHY AND ECONOMICALLY BENEFICIAL VALUES :
    *Morality, Chastity and fidelity, heterosexuality.
    *Clean safe media.
    *The Sacredness of life/Culture of life(no abortion, no assisted suicide and no Euthanasia).
    *Avoidance of poisons(alcohol and drugs).
    *Clear,natural,healthy,different genders, procreation/full time mothers.
    *Healthy, stable extended families with care and love to our weak old parents.
    *Peace, not wars.
    *No occupation of any one else’s land.

    Thank GOD, our Christian friends and believers and many other sensible people in our society, do share with us almost all these DIVINE values.
    We know it’s right, so let’s do it.

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