Handless Hate Preacher Abu Hamza Upset At Prosthetics Delay

Poor old Muslim hate preacher Abu Hamza is upset that he still hasn’t got his fake hands fitted by American prison officials. He was left hook less on arrival in the USA from Britain when federal officials removed them for safety reasons.

You can’t help feel sorry for the extremist. Such a nice fella stuck in a tiny cell on lockdown 24/7 with no hands. He can’t even have a wank over the Koran which has more sexual deviances than 50 shades of grey to pass the time. Not to worry i think i have found him a solution in the classifieds of commie rag The Socialist Worker. There is a Unite Against Fascism activist selling a slightly used rubber fist that would do him fine. Its even doing the no partisan anti fascist salute.

no parasan rubber fist dildo as used by anti fascist network , UAF, SWP and other far left communistssex toy for sale by uaf member . slightly used rubber fist

Handless hate preacher upset at prosthetics delay

By Rich CalderSeptember 16, 2013 | 3:34am

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Abu Hamza al-Masri in 2002.

Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Handless hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri is whining that he just can’t catch a break — or anything else for that matter — because the feds have not fitted him with a proper pair of taxpayer-funded prosthetics, his lawyers told The Post.

The hatemonger — who is facing a March 31 trial in Manhattan federal court for setting up a terrorist training camp in Oregon, among other terror-related crimes — has been without prosthetics for more than a month after his infamous metal hooks were barred by prison officials as safety hazards. A replacement pair purchased by prison officials has been repeatedly sent back for fitting adjustments, said lawyer Lindsay Lewis.

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Abu Hamza al-Masri in a 2012 court sketch.

REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg

“The Bureau of Prisons has drawn out this process, making it so difficult for him that he’s distracted by issues about his prosthetics and can’t even concentrate on his own trial,” said Lewis, adding that prison officials “should have never” removed his metal hooks to begin with.

She also claimed the plastic materials used in prison-authorized prosthetics “aren’t as good” as what he wore when the accused terror mastermind was first extradited from Great Britain last October.

“There is a risk of infection [with the new prosthetics], so it is both a fitting and safety issue,” she said.

An armless al-Masri appeared in Manhattan federal court for a conference — at one point having to lift himself out of his chair with his stubs to stand up.

The Bureau of Prisons did not return a message seeking comment.

via Handless hate preacher upset at prosthetics delay | New York Post.

3 thoughts on “Handless Hate Preacher Abu Hamza Upset At Prosthetics Delay”

  1. i come on here for all the hate directed at muslims , just makes the smile so much bigger watching dirty skagrats squirm.

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