Bradford Woman Has Curry Powder Thrown In Her Face By Muslim Robber

Police in Yorkshire have released an E-fit of a Muslim thug who threw curry powder in a females face during attempted robbery in Bradford. Violence is second nature to Muslims, the fact it was against a female is irrelevant to the Islamic cowards. They have no morales what so ever. 

Police reveal face of would-be robber as woman recalls how attack left her scared

Muslim robber attacked female in Bradford and threw curry powder in her face

6:00am Wednesday 11th September 2013 in News By Steve Wright, Crime Reporter

An e-fit of the man who threw curry powder in an attempted robbery

Detectives, hunting a robber who threw curry powder into a woman’s face, have released an e-fit image of the suspect.

The man fled empty-handed when the plucky woman put up a fight as he tried to wrestle her laptop computer from her grasp.

The 43-year-old victim, who was walking to work when she was attacked, yesterday told how she had been left scared and shaken by her ordeal.

But the care worker, who was too frightened to be identified, told the Telegraph & Argus yesterday: “I was determined he wasn’t going to get away with my property.”

The woman was in Butler Street West, in Barkerend, Bradford, at about 7.15am last Saturday, when the male suspect threw the powder in her face and made demands for the victim’s laptop, which she was carrying in a case.

She refused to hand it over and there was a struggle which ended with the suspect running away from the scene empty-handed.

The victim suffered stinging to her eyes and she was unable to see properly, but she was helped by members of the public. She is not believed to have suffered any long term injury, but was left shaken.

She said: “He came up from behind and threw curry powder in my face. I asked him to leave me alone and said I would phone the police.

“He tried to snatch my bag and get hold of my laptop. There was a struggle. I was pushing at him to get him away and shouting at him. He seemed to realise he wasn’t going to get anything, and ran off.

“I was really frightened but I put up a fight and that’s why he didn’t get anything. I still feel very shaken by what happened. I am looking over my shoulder and wont go out on my own. I am getting lifts to and from work.

“I want this man to be caught and anyone who knows who he is should come forward.”

The suspect was an Asian man, in his late teens to early 20s, of average build and with short black hair, a round face, thin lips, stubble on both cheeks and a small flat nose. He spoke with a Yorkshire accent and was wearing a bright white woolly cardigan, light grey jogging bottoms and dark footwear.

Any witnesses, or anyone with information, are asked to contact Detective Constable Jazz Gill, at Bradford South CID, on (01274) 376742, or via 101.

via Face of man who threw curry powder in woman’s face (From Asian Image).

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