Video: Inbred Muslim Badboy With Lisp’s Message To The EDL

The EDL will be having trouble sleeping at night after watching this video message from an inbred Muslim with a lisp. They struck by fear after hearing what wannabe  gangster Nomi nomz ahmed from Bolton has to say. He behaves exactly the way you would expect the majority of thick Muslims to. Ahmed starts as he means to go on, addressing the English Dick Lickers curry loving motherfuckers. He didn’t even manage to get 20 seconds in before making reference sex, implying EDL members mothers love sucking Muslims uncircumcised (micro)penises. He carries on acting hard making sexual references about having sex with mothers and daughters and making the absurd claim the white girls all love shagging Muslims. He must be referring to the schoolgirls that they give drink and drugs to before sexually abusing that Muslims are so fond of.

Its no wonder that Muslims have a bad reputation with complete tossers like Ahmed speaking for them

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