Glasgow Residents to have say on mosque and school plans

Reports from Scotland suggest local residents will have their say on a proposed new mosque in Glasgow. If the authorities north of the border are like in England. No matter what the locals say about the mosque, if its negative and against it being built. Chances are that that their views will fall on deaf ears and ignored, and the council will do whatever they wanted regardless

No more mosque building theres enough already

Residents to have say on mosque and school plans

PLANS for a new mosque are among a number of proposals being put to residents in East Renfrewshire.

Ewan Fergus Friday 13/09/2013

A mosque is planned for Newton Mearns

The council says it is to consult the public on changes to its proposed Local Development Plan (LDP), which sets out priorities for development over the next few years.

The proposed plan went out to public consultation earlier this year, outlining the council’s preferred sites for development.

Now, following representations made by the public during that consultation, the council is to consult on two modifications to the plan.

One is for the creation of a new denominational and a non-denominational primary school within the M77 Strategic Development Opportunity at Malletsheugh/Maidenhill in Newton Mearns.

The second, following a request from the Muslim community in East Renfrewshire, is for a new religious or community facility.

The council is to now hold a six-week consultation on the proposed modifications.

The alternative site for the denominational school is Waterfoot Road, Newton Mearns, opposite Mearns Castle High School, and the religious/community facility is suggested for a site next to the new Eastwood High School.

The consultation is scheduled to begin in October, with a report back to council on the public’s feedback due in the new year.

Convener for infrastructure and sustainable growth, Councillor Tony Buchanan, said: “We are going ahead with this public consultation on these suggested sites because we believe these are viable alternatives.

“A new denominational primary school in Newton Mearns is a real priority for the council as, due to housing development which is already under way, there is pressure on St Cadoc’s.

“This school is required to address current needs and is not as a result of the further housing development proposed in the LDP.

“The proposed site at Waterfoot Road is available to us now and, unlike the previous proposed site, does not need infrastructure such as roads and lighting.

“It is also next to Mearns Castle High, which will allow shared use of floodlit sports facilities.

“An alternative site for the religious/community building was put forward by our Muslim community, and again, the need to find a suitable place of worship for this community is a priority for us.”

via Residents to have say on mosque and school plans | Evening Times.

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