Russia: Chechen Muslims Riot After Mosque Loses Text Vote Contest

‘islamic nutcases in the Russian state of Chechnya have gone on the rampage because their mosque only came runner up in a competition to find Russia’s top ten landmarks, Muslims flew in a rage and began rioting after their mosque lost to the Kremlin

Is there anything that Muslims don’t moan and kick off about when things don’t go in their favour???

Its our way or we will kick up a fuss, moan like spoiled children and smash up all our own toys or in this case smash up a few buildings. They should be buzzing about coming 2nd. Thats a good achievement for them, its not like they get that close to the top in anything else. Lets face it their pretty shit at everything else.

Russia: Chechen riots after mosque loses text vote

Ahmad Kadyrov mosque in Grozny, Chechnya

A government-sponsored contest to select 10 symbols of Russia has ended in controversy after the country’s biggest mosque was removed from the top spot.

The Ahmad Kadyrov mosque in Grozny, capital of Muslim-dominated Chechnya, unexpectedly topped the list of contenders for months. But just a day before voting closed in the second round, it dropped to number two.

Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya’s president (and son of Ahmad), reacted angrily, and accused Russia’s two major mobile operators of rigging the text voting. In the days that followed, angry Chechens attacked the companies’ offices in Grozny, forcing one of them to suspend local operations.

In the end, organisers reviewed the result, making the mosque joint winner alongside the Kolomna Kremlin, outside Moscow. They said voting had been skewed by hackers and “bots” voting multiple times. A scarcely credible 52 million votes had been registered on the final day of round two.

In a similar row in 2008, a government-backed contest to select the greatest Russians saw Stalin and Lenin lose the lead amid similar controversy.

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