Video: EDL Vs UAF Tower Hamlets – Police Clash with UAF Muppets

Good insight into the distorted view of reality that the UAF supporters have. Worth watching just to listen to the inbred Muslim UAF supporter(at 8 mins 30) who can barely string 2 words together who thinks that we are at war

Original uploaders comments:

The EDL demonstration was a march from Tower Bridge to Aldgate, though it was originally intended to go further into Tower Hamlets. A counter-demonstration was arranged by UAF with the Islamic Forum Europe and Tower Hamlets Council workers and was based in Altab-Ali Park in Whitechapel. The mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, opposed the march but failed to ban it completely.This video shows the EDL marching over Tower Bridge and up The Minories and also shows good footage of UAF, communists, anarchists and Muslims clashing with the police on Mansell Street. I also caught some of the speech by EDL leader Tommy Robinson who was later detained by police for “incitement”.

I interviewed a few anti-EDL demonstrators; socialists, anti-fascists, the English disco lovers (EDL), Bengali Muslims and others. Surprisingly, despite many saying they were concerned for the community, hardly anyone seemed to actually live in Tower Hamlets!

Disclaimer: I am just a local with a camera. I have nothing at all against Islam and I am not associated with EDL but I do believe in free speech and I get annoyed with some people claiming to be community activists, or community defence when they don’t even live here. It’s my community they are talking about!

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