Bradford Shisha Bar Thinks Laws Don’t Apply To Them

Bout time they realised Muslims think they are above our laws and don’t apply to them

Controversial bar in trouble again

An unauthorised shisha bar and cafe has once again found itself in trouble with the authorities.The Al Qaza bar, in Mortimer Street, Girlington, was fined £1,000 last year for allowing smoking at its premises.Now it is in trouble again – because it doesn’t have planning permission.When Bradford Council was first alerted to the Al Qaza lounge, planners told the owners that they didn’t have permission to use the site as a cafe or shisha lounge.

The firm then applied for retrospective planning consent for their marquee structure within a larger warehouse yard, but this was refused in March last year.
In October, businessman Ajaz Ali was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £1,246 in costs for four offences of failing to prevent smoking at the premises.
It was thought that since then the Al Qaza had closed down, but officers recently visited the site and found it had only been temporary closed for refurbishment.
A report to Bradford Area Planning Panel said: “The local planning authority received information which suggested the premises had closed and the use ceased.
“However following a site visit it was revealed that the property had been closed for a temporary period to allow for refurbishment works.”
Now the Council has been authorised to take enforcement action.
When the Telegraph & Argus visited the site to get a comment from the owner, the whole complex was under refurbishment. Access to the yard was blocked, and there were no signs advertising a cafe or shisha lounge. Workmen said the shisha bar was no longer there.


One thought on “Bradford Shisha Bar Thinks Laws Don’t Apply To Them”

  1. Islam is not taking over, it does not want to take over, but it DOES want to give everyone the chance to learn and understand it. Islam can be great for everyone, but not everyone will accept it, and that is fine, EVERYONE IS THEIR OWN PERSON AND EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN CHOICES TO MAKE!!! It is time the racists of this country wake up and realise with a bit of co-operation and understanding EVERYONE can be happy and everyone can get along! there is no need for excluding anyone and everyone can get along, there is no need to disagree with something if you haven’t even given it a chance, SURELY EVERYONE / EVERYTHING DESERVES A CHANCE TO PROVE THEMSELVES / ITSELF.

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