Make A Stand Against The Islamization Of Britain – Demo – Bolton – 26 Aug

EDL Bolton Demonstration  –  Monday 26th August

More info click here.

Concerned about the negative effects of Islam on society ??  The stealth jihad and Islamization of Britain ??   The erasing of British culture and traditions due to political correctness and fear of upsetting Muslims ??  Rape jihad and Muslim grooming gangs ??  Your children’s future freedoms ?? The alarming rate of new Mosque constructions ??  Two tier justice and the authorities Muslim appeasing ??   Muslim terrorists and their supporters ??     Creeping sharia  ?? Inhumanly slaughtered halal meat sneaked onto your dinner table ??   Or 1 of the other negative things happening around us that we have to thank political Islam for ??

If you answered yes to any of the above, then now is the time to make your voice heard and stand up to the hostile Islamic takeover attempt. Stand alongside those who share the same concerns, fight for your families future freedoms because nobody else will

I’m sure those patriots organizing the demo will appreciate the support and the extra numbers on the day due to the likelihood of a large amount of communist traitors and islamofascists attending the planned UAF counter protest.

No Surrender To Islamists And Their Communist Appeasers 

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