UAF’s Martin Smith Resigns From SWP After Another Sex Attack Allegation

It seems UAF/SWP gobshite Comrade Delta aka Martin Smith has been noncing again. This time his accuser is a female SWP employee. Rather than embroil the commie rape deniers in another kangeroo court scandal he has resigned from the Socialist Workers Party. Not an SWP member = No Kangeroo court = Victim silenced.

It remains to be seen if he is still on the payroll of SWP front group ‘Unite Against Fascism’ . Dont be surprised to see the sex case pop back up in a year or so once the victim has been pushed out of the door and silenced

No wonder he was the organizer of UAF counter demos in support of Muslim Grooming Gangs. He was defending his own sick kind. To listen to the crap he spouts aswell like he is on some kind of moral high ground. Sex offenders like him are the lowest of the low.

Commie sex case Martin Smith



www workersliberty org/story/2013/08/06/martin-smith-slips-away

Martin Smith slips away

On 7 July the SWP’s National Committee held an emergency meeting, to discuss matters relating to its internal opposition (now publishing its discussion on a blog here).

According to reports on the internet, that meeting also heard that the SWP Central Committee was acting to ensure a “swift and fair” internal hearing of an outstanding complaint of sexual harassment against Martin Smith.

The woman, who has become known as “comrade X”, is an employee of the SWP. She first made her complaint last year – so the hearing has hardly been organised swiftly!

However, she did not want it to be heard by a disputes committee made up of people close to Martin Smith and including members of the Central Committee. Comrade X had spoken against that deeply flawed procedure at the SWP’s conference in January this year in relation to the complaint of rape by another SWP member, against Martin Smith. The disputes committee has now apparently been reorganised.

There is no chance now that the hearing will be fair. The alleged perpetrator, Martin Smith has resigned from the SWP.

The organisation has no more “jurisdiction” over him. Comrade X cannot tell her story with any hope of redress. And neither for that matter can his point of view be heard. Comrade X could, if she chose to, and it was appropriate, take her complaint to the police; but her case will have been badly undermined by the delay.

Smith’s resignation has been welcomed by people who have recently left the SWP (“good riddance” etc). That’s understandable. But it has had the effect of destroying any meaningful examination of the truth of the complaint.

From start to finish the SWP have utterly disgraced themselves: brushing aside two extremely serious allegations, setting up a deeply compromised process of “investigation”, manipulating votes to legitimate that process, trying to shut people up… Now the person at the centre of this scandal quietly slips away.

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