Great News – Islamic Terrorist Abu Qatada’s Family Have Left The Uk – Don’t Come Back

Fantastic news concerning the Muslim family of  terrorist hate preacher Abu Qatada doing one out of  the UK. It is one less burden on the British taxpayer,  who were being extorted to the tune of over 800 pounds a week in states benefits  to support the Islamic fundamentalist family of scroungers. Unfortunately as things stand at the minute. For every Muslim parasite leeching off the state that stops claiming like the Qadada’s. There is another 2 Muslim Asylum seekers or new immigrants at the job centre making a claim.


Family of hate preacher Abu Qatada leave the UK after dropping application to stay

THE family of hate preacher Abu Qatda have left the UK after dropping an application to stay in the country, the Home Office announced this evening.

Published: Fri, August 16, 2013

The-family-of-Abu-Qatda-have-left-the-UK-the-Home-Office-announced-tonightThe family of Abu Qatda have left the UK, the Home Office announced tonight

The Government department said Qatada’s wife and five children have left the country but the location they have travelled to is unknown.

Qatada flew back to Jordan in July to face terror charges after an almost decade long battle that cost the taxpayer millions to extradite him.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Abu Qatada’s wife and five children have now left the UK.

“The family has formally agreed to drop an outstanding application for Indefinite Leave to Remain.”

abu qatada, jordan vile muslim terrorist bastardQatada flew back to Jordan in July to face terror charges after an almost decade long battle

Abu Qatada’s wife and five children have now left the UK

A Home Office spokesperson

The Daily Express reported last month that Qatada’s family were set to join him in Jordon following his extradition.

Their departure is expected to save the taxpayer over £40,000 a year and free up the scores of police officers who were protecting them.

The family had lived in Stanmore, north west London, where they had received over £800 a week in housing, council tax and child benefits and income support.

Qatada, 53, fled to Britain in 1993 with his wife and their first three children in 1993.

He claimed asylum on the grounds of religious persecution and was allowed to stay in Britain the following year.

abu qatada, home officeQatada’s fight to stay in the UK cost the taxpayer millions

In his absence the radical cleric was charged of conspiring to carry out terrorists attack against Israelis, Americans and other Westerners in Jordan.

The hate preacher went on the run in 2001 after being questioned over alleged links to a German terrorist group and was arrested in 2002.

He was detained at Belmarsh high security jail in south east London but was never charged.

Repeated attempts to deport him to Jordan were resisted by the European Courts on the grounds of infringement to his human rights.

abu qatada, home office, radical cleric, hate preacherThe Daily Express reported last month that Qatada’s family were set to join him in Jordon

Brussels ruled that evidence could be coerced from him under torture in Jordan and then used against him in a new trial.

Qatada gave up his fight to stay in Britain after the Jordanian government ratified a treaty guaranteeing him to fair trial.

His family have apparently been living in a council house in Middlesex for the past few months.

There presence has been protested against by neighbours and members of the English Defence League (EDL).


3 thoughts on “Great News – Islamic Terrorist Abu Qatada’s Family Have Left The Uk – Don’t Come Back”

  1. The family of Al Qaeda hate-preacher Abu Qatada yesterday left their taxpayer-funded life in Britain for good.

    The fanatic’s wife and five children last night boarded a plane to Jordan to join Qatada, who is awaiting trial on a string of terrorist charges.

    So if they had not dropped the bid to stay in the UK, they would still be here, and If there father had not agreed to go voluntary he would still be here also. Not a victory for the Government then is it. Why congratulate. – the government has not done anything, they left of their own free will and as the article states now the children have passports they can return any time they want – watch this space ….

    The flight was funded by the Government but it means the UK is finally rid of a family which has cost the country at least £500,000 in benefits since first arriving in the early 1990s.

    Do not give May any credit for this or for him leaving. she could not do it and did not do it. im worried about why they all chose to leave, do they know something!This has nothing to do with Theresa May .— SHE had nothing to do with this cleric leaving.—– HE decided to leave himself NOT her.— I thought that SHE would try to take credit for this .– She is like all the rest USELESS.– ALL MOUTH and NO TROUSERS

    Don’t forget the royals, they’re no less than taxpayer funded scroungers. Were the Judges and lawyers of the Human Rights Courts sobbing their hearts out on the tarmac at the thought of their loss? Your joking, they are laughing all the way to their bank accounts. They have made millions out of this whole fiasco.

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