Video: George Galloway’s Ex-Mistress Reveals His Deviant Sexual Perversions

Muslim convert George Galloway, Bradford’s Respect Party Member of Parliament is no different from the majority of Muslim males including the prophet Mohammed. He like them is a perverted sexual deviant, obsessed by sex with unnatural and bizarre sexual fetishes. In the video further down this page his ex-mistress Shirazi reveals all of his dirty little secrets he would rather keep hidden away.

Galloway is never far away from controversy and uses the resulting media attention to his benefit to push his anti-British, communist and pro Islamic views. Yet this is one scandal he is very quiet on. Allegedly he is doing his utmost to get this video  exposing his perversions removed from circulation. 

Author of The Last Living Slut: Born In Iran, Bred Backstage; a book of war, the Iranian Revolution, the Persian dusk, bath-houses in twilight, child abuse, escape to England, American rock stars, love, blood & abortion, explicit sexuality, Guns n Roses

Muslim slag Roxana Shirazi revealed pervert Georges Galloways warped sexual fetishes

The woman in the video is self admitted slut Roxana Shirazi, an Iranian author who wrote a book detailing her sexcapades as a slag. The notches on her bedpost are like a who’s who of heavy metal and rock music including Pamela Andersons exes Tommy Lee and Brett Michaels. Roxana Shirazi  calls Galloway a sexual deviant. 

In the video she reveals how within minutes of arriving at Galloway’s house his hands were all over.  His  bizarre pictures on the bedroom wall featuring him with his dictator friends such as Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro. His bedside sex toy drawer filled with dildos and vibrators. How he doesn’t believe in monogamy although what Muslim male does, isnt that why they can have four wives

The most disturbing revelation she makes is Galloway has an  “interracial cuckold fetish”  A very small minority of white men suffer from a  serious sexual perversion called “interracial cuckold fetish”. This is where the white male gets sexually aroused by being forced to watch black males engage in sex acts their white wife / partner. According to George Galloway’s purported ex-girlfriend, he suffers from this disorder claiming he told her he would like to watch her getting gang banged off 10 black men.


12 thoughts on “Video: George Galloway’s Ex-Mistress Reveals His Deviant Sexual Perversions”

  1. This should not come as a suprise to anyone, Galloway looks like the kind of wimpering, jelly backed kid that got a slap everyday at school, the kind of snivelling cunt that suckled up to the bigger “boys” in an effort to gain favour and avoid more slaps. Nothing changed there then!

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