Muslim Who Racially Abused Policeman Gets Pathetic £40 Sentence

Once again Britain’s 2 tier justice system has reared its ugly (burka clad) head.12 months conditional discharge and £40 court costs for racist Muslim Tahir Hussain from Blackburn when he and a number of other Muslims surrounded a police officer, obstructing him carrying out his duties. Hussain then swore and racially abused the officer telling him to “go back where he lives”….you what !!!

I try not to get wound up any-more by the actions of the Muslims i post about here. But now and a again something will come up that really winds me up. This is 1 of them times that makes my blood boil.  The whole thing stinks.  If it had been a Muslim copper and a group of EDL supporters surrounding him and one of them gave him racist abuse telling him to go back where he is from. Would that person get treated the exact same by the courts and only get a discharge and £40 costs ??

Going off past experiences,not a chance.They would have had the book thrown at them. Over the last year or so EDL supporters have been locked up for little more than words. Police have gone through people’s doors, seizing their computers because of a stupid online comment on their own Facebook or Twitter timelines. When it comes to anyone who is critical of Islam or Muslims. They feel the full force of the law against them. Where as Muslims get handled with kid gloves.

The background to this whole incident that eventually led to Tahir Hussain being arrested for racially abusing the officer sounds a bit dodgy to me. What gives these Muslims the right to interfere in the polices business. Surrounding the policeman when he is trying to deal with a 13-year-old girl who had run away from home.

Why are they trying to intimidate the officer and risk arrest for a runaway schoolgirl who is clearly non-Muslim. If she had been Muslim, the girl would be on lock down at home with no chance to run away. If a Muslim school girl had managed to runaway and was hanging round the streets, the same Muslim men who surrounded the officer wouldn’t have let it get anywhere near the stage of the police coming. They would of been good Muslim community members and taken the girl immediately back home. There is only 1 reason i can think of as to why a runaway non Muslim schoolgirl might be in an enclave like she was and make the Muslim men act that way…….defending their interest….it wouldn’t be dissimilar to other past goings on across the UK would it……..Muslim Grooming Map

Racist attack on Blackburn police officer

5:00pm Friday 9th August 2013 in News

A POLICEMAN dealing with a 13-year-old runaway was surrounded by Asian men and subjected to racist abuse by one of them.

Blackburn magistrates heard Tahir Hussain swore at the officer and told him to go ‘back to where you live’.

But Ian Huggan, defending, said his client had jumped in without knowing the full circumstances. Hussain, 30, of St James Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated disorderly behaviour.

He was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £40 costs.

Scott Ainge, prosecuting, said PC Ben Dowling was asked to attend Whalley New Road due to concerns over the girl’s welfare. Her mother feared she might harm herself.

“He managed to find the girl and she became aggressive towards the officer when he spoke to her,” said Mr Ainge.

“At that point a large group of Asian males approached and the officer was subjected to racist comments.”

Mr Huggan said of Hussain: “He saw the officer approach the girl and she became distressed.”

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