Muslim School Teacher From Blackburn On Pupil Sex Charges

Muslim maths teacher Yaser Amin from Witton Park School in Blackburn is to face trial for sex charges. Allegedly 3 different pupils have accused him of sexually assaulting them. The pervert tutor abused his position of trust and molested those in his care.  Wonder out of his three victims how many were Muslim??? None id say. Islamo-nonces don’t like ruining their own kind.

Teacher from Blackburn school on pupil sex attack charges

10:41am Monday 5th August 2013 By Jessica Cree, Crime reporter

Yaser AminYaser Amin

A MATHS teacher has been charged with five counts of sexually assaulting three female pupils.

Yaser Amin, who taught at Witton Park High School, in Blackburn, is alleged to have inappropriately touched the girls on school premises.

The 31-year-old, of Whalley New Road, Blackburn, was remanded on bail and is due to appear before magistrates on August 14.He is no longer teaching at the Buncer Lane school.

Police said the pupils allegedly involved in the assaults were interviewed by specially trained officers, which enabled them to bring the charges.

Parents of children at the business and enterprise college, said they were ‘gob smacked’ to learn of the allegations.

Dean Logan, headteacher at Witton Park High School, said the school was fully complying with the police investigation.

He said: “Currently I am unable to provide details regarding this matter as it is still ongoing with the police.

“However, as a school we have done all within our powers to act.

“The member of staff is no longer a teacher at Witton Park High School.”

Amin was arrested in December 2012 and he was charged with the allegations on Wednesday (July 31).

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “Yaser Amin, 31, of Whalley New Road, Blackburn, has been charged with five counts of sexual activity with a child.

“The offences allegedly happened between January 1 2012 and June 30 2012 against three girls.

“He has been bailed to appear before Blackburn Magistrates on August 14.”

Basharat Ditta of Richmond Solicitors said his client will be contesting the allegations vigorously.

Mr Ditta said: “Mr Amin strongly denies any inappropriate behaviour and looks forward to clearing his name in court.

“As matters are now subject to court proceedings it would be improper to make further comment.”

4 thoughts on “Muslim School Teacher From Blackburn On Pupil Sex Charges”

  1. He is a product of western education system, which makes a man stupid, corrupt and selfish. He is a Muslim but he finds himself cut off from his cultural roots and is unable to enjoy the beauty of his literature and poetry.

    Anything Muslim is met with negativity by most people in this country. get over it, I don’t see anyone complaining about St John’s or St Edmunds Catholic schools? If Muslims people want to send their children to a Muslim school, what difference does it make to you???

    Seriously, don’t worry about the kids not integrating in society, Saying all kids who go to a single faith school won’t integrate is like saying that all kids who go to a single sex school will grow up gay. It’s such an idiotic point but not a surprising one for your typical insular Portsmouth citizen.

    I think before we demand other faiths integrate into our culture we should decide what our culture actually is. Is it good Christians, fish and chips, bowler hats, binge drinking and watching Jeremy Kyle? Or are we just all completely different individuals who get on with our lives and try to let others get on with theirs. I don’t particularly feel like i share a culture with most of the white British people i know, and i don’t feel like watching east enders or liking rap music to integrate with them. I can still live along side them though.

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