Kidnapped Eastern European Woman Was Forced Into Sham Marriage And Made A Sex Slave By Muslim

Slovakian woman goes out socialising with her friend for a night in their local town. They start talking to an Eastern European male who keeps giving her drinks. Next thing she knows she is in Yorkshire’s Islamic enclave of Bradford minus any id or documents. There her abductors sold the 20 year old female to local Muslim pervert Azam Khan to become his own personal non Muslim sex slave. Khan then took his new slave to Burnley where he kept her prisoner above a relatives shop. Where the control freak assaulted and raped the girl on numerous occasions. Obviously unable to find a willing bride to marry. Khan took his slave to the mosque in Brougham Street to take part in a forced marriage with him. Due to being drunk and not understanding a word being said during the ceremony the victim had no idea what was happening at the time.

It may sound like kind of film plot, but for the poor Slovak woman involved it was all very much real. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if there was countless more similar cases that have yet to be found out 

‘Woman trafficked to be a sex slave by Bradford man’

6:00am Saturday 3rd August 2013 in News

A vulnerable woman was forced into a sham marriage and raped while kept as a slave above a shop, a jury heard.

The 20-year-old victim, from Slovakia, was sold to Azam Khan, 34, and held prisoner at his aunt and uncle’s shop in Burnley, Preston Crown Court heard yesterday.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was kidnapped in mid-August last year while on a night out with her friend.

She was allegedly plied with alcohol in the town of Zemplin, by Imrich Bodor, 44, of Clipstone Street, West Bowling, Bradford, who is accused of trafficking her for exploitation.

Her identification documents were taken away from her and she was made to travel on a coach for two days to England against her will.

She was told that she was going to the Czech Republic to work, but was instead taken to London, before heading to a house in Bradford.

The victim was said to have been kept there by Bodor and Petra Dzudzova, 25, also of Clipstone Street, who is also accused of trafficking.

The court was told after two weeks she was sold to Azam Khan, 34, who allegedly raped her three times and assaulted her twice while keeping her prisoner. He denies the charges.

Nusrat, 40, and Mashrafat Khan, 61, of Colne Road, Burnley, also deny charges of trafficking a person for exploitation under the Asylum and Immigration Act. They are accused of having signed wedding documents at the fake marriage ceremony.

It is also alleged the victim, who comes from a Romany gipsy community in eastern Slovakia, was forced into a sham marriage with Azam Khan at the mosque in Brougham Street.

The court was told that before the ceremony, on October 13 last year, she was given vodka and beer.

A statement from the imam at the mosque confirmed that the marriage took place and said that he had been asked to carry out the ceremony by Azam Khan.

Phillip Boyd, prosecuting, said she had no understanding of what was going on during the ceremony as she spoke no English and she was scared.

Mr Boyd said: “What links all these people together is a series of events which sounds more like something from a 19th century novel by Dickens than anything happening in Europe in the 21st century.

“The victim was handled round the continent and this country like a commodity. All the more cruel and inexcusable because being so unable to cope on her own, she was so ill-fitted to do anything about it.”

Abdul Sabool Shinwary, of Girlington Road, Bradford, who is also on trial for trafficking a person for exploitation, was said to have acted as a ‘link’ between Asians and Eastern Europeans to arrange sham marriages.

Kristina Makunova, 36, of the same address, has admitted charges of arranging a facilitating travel to the UK and false imprisonment.

The case continues.

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    Either deal them a dose of their own medicine, as personal Muslim sex slaves for non-Muslim men are a good way to keep non-Muslim women chaste, or castrate some men that don’t have to wear a beard in order to enter mosques, as this will mean more women for the other men. Islam forbids euthanasia. Hell is eternal.

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