Police Seek ‘Asian’ After Sex Attack On Horseshoe Common, Bournmouth

No place is safe from the Islamic rapewave engulfing the UK as another sex attack takes place by a pervert described as ‘Asian’ which 99% of the times turns out to be a Muslim. Not a Sikh, Hindu, Buddest or somebody from China or Japan….but a Muslim. Apparently the location of the attack known as Horseshoe common is a secluded spot. God knows why a lone woman would even take the risk of walking about there at daft o’clock. But even still nothing gives the nonce responsible a right to sexually assault her.

Sex Attack On Horseshoe Common

22nd July 2013, 14:25

Dorset Police Logo
Detectives in Bournemouth are appealing for information after a woman was sexually assaulted in the town centre.

We’re told a woman was inappropriately touched by a man, between 1.45am and 2am on Saturday 20 July 2013 on Horseshoe Common.

The 25-year-old woman from Bournemouth, was uninjured.

Detective Constable Siobhan Lovering, of Bournemouth CID, said:

“This was a distressing incident for the victim.

“I am appealing for witnesses to assist with our investigation.

“Witnesses and anyone with information are asked to contact police as soon as possible in the strictest confidence.”

The suspect is described as Asian, between 20 and 30 years old, around five feet three inches tall and of slim build. He has short dark hair and was wearing dark blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

No arrests have been made.


5 thoughts on “Police Seek ‘Asian’ After Sex Attack On Horseshoe Common, Bournmouth”

  1. Why don’t we just report the rapes, rather than have to say MUSLIM rapes? When non Muslims commit rapes, do we say white rapists, Christian rapists etc? So why the need to label? Or is it only when a rapist happens to be Muslim, some of us feel the need for whatever reason, to say MUSLIM rapist? When grooming paedophiles happen to be white (btw this is the MAJORITY), nobody mentions that either, or saying hmmm we need to study why so many white men take part in grooming little girls. But if it happens to be a Muslim or Asian, oh well, we must say Muslim, we must say Asian, and we must study why these things are happening amongst their community, lol, what a load of baloney. Sadly, many people don’t actually care about the rapes itself, they want to politicise the rapes as a means to target specific communities, i.e. Muslims, Asians etc.

    1. Mr Ahmed, instead of trying to play down the horrific sex crimes carried out by Muslims and spin the blame onto others with the usual white sex offenders excuse. It would be a much better idea instead all round if you encouraged your community to do something about the Muslim rapewave engulfing the UK. Nobody is denying there aren’t non Muslim sex offenders. They come in all colours and religions. Muslim offenders are by far over represented in the amount of sex crimes carried out. How many times have white/non Muslim men raped or groomed Muslim women/ schoolgirls ?? If you object to your community being targeted, the solution is simple. Do something about the racist rape jihad they are carrying out instead of being an apologist and denying its a problem

  2. They can’t call themselves Muslim if they go around raping the so called ‘uncovered meat’. Islam never taught us to ‘straighten’ the world in that manner. Perhaps these group of morons should straighten themselves mentally. Hopefully they can stop bringing shame to Islam due to their lack of Islamic Education. Sex before marriage is forbidden in Islam; thus if anyone is doing it can no longer call himself a Muslim…

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