Video: Dewsbury EDL Demo Muslim Bomb Plotter Gets KO’d In Prison

H/T: North-West Infidels

Last month 6 Muslims from Birmingham were sentenced up to 19 years in prison for their failed attempt to blow up an EDL demo in Dewsbury. Reminiscent of the disaster prone jihadis from the 4 lions film. The wannabe terrorists turned up late missing the protest. Only to be pulled by the police on the way home for no insurance with a boot full of weapons. 

As the Muslim terror plotters were being lead to the cells after sentencing they gave the Islamic battle cry of  ‘Allah Akbar(is great)’  Well Allah weren’t as great as they thought he was, or surely he would of protected his ‘religion of peace’ followers in prison. As you can see in the video, Almighty Allah couldn’t t stop one of the bombers getting sparked out cold in one punch by an infidel prisoner 

3 thoughts on “Video: Dewsbury EDL Demo Muslim Bomb Plotter Gets KO’d In Prison”

  1. I hope the “Infidel” was not brought before the governor, if he was his defense has to be reacting to behaviour likely to cause a disturbance or offense to others.
    Fuck these muslim bastards, I just wish I could invent something that I could put in the water supply that would turn all of them into vegtables. Shit, seems someone has already done that!

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