New Mosque Planned For Preston

Yet another new mosque planned. They are popping up at the rate of 1 or 2 per week just lately. With each new mosque granted permission, Muslims take another step closer to their goal of  Islamic domination. Preston Muslim Cultural Centre the people behind the proposed Mosque, like so many of these Muslim outfits are a registered charity making them eligible for grants and tax savings. How a mosque that only has 25 regulars per day can manage to accumulate £800,000 in the bank and receive over £200,000 pa in donations is beyond me. Somebody is giving them large amounts on money the question is who and why??

Mosque plan returns

Grafton Street in Preston

Grafton Street in Preston

Plans for a new mosque near Preston city centre have been put back on the agenda.


Preston Muslim Cultural Centre wants to create a new place of worship at a site formerly used as a roofing contractor’s yard, on land off Grafton Street and Fishergate Hill.

A previous application for a centre on the 923sqm site was refused by Preston Council’s planning committee in November last year.

A new application shows plans for a two-storey mosque with enclosed gardens around the main prayer hall and 18 car parking spaces on site.

Changes have been made to the original scheme to increase the space between the mosque and another property on Grafton Street and to reduce the layout of the first floor.

The organisation already has premises on Fishergate Hill but say they need a bigger site to accommodate worshippers for Friday prayers.

A planning statement prepared on behalf of the applicants says the scheme would put a vacant piece of land, which has been blighted by flytipping, back into use.

It also adds that measures will be taken to avoid parking issues on nearby residential streets.

It says: “As a place of worship, the masjid would be in use five times every day with varying levels of attendance by the congregation.

“Worshippers for Friday midday prayers predominantly attend on foot as it is generally recognised that parking is at a premium locally and in addition, the local road network with one-way streets discourages vehicle use locally.”

No-one could be reached at the centre for comment.

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