Birmingham Residents Halt Mosque Car Park Bid On Land Council Sold For £1

In today’s Britain its not often you hear of victory for campaigners who fought to stop vacant land being turned into a mosque,its car park or anything else Islamic. Local authorities are that keen to appease the Muslims usually planning permission is granted regardless of the number of objections. So when these residents in Birmingham managed to halt their inner city village green being turned into a mosque car park its good to hear. Though the edge is taken off their success when the full story emerges. The local Labour Party dominated council sold the land in question to the mosque for £1. Given today’s land prices its absurd that the council sold it them for the price of a bottle of coke. Questions need asking the council as to why when householders are paying thousands in council tax per year for services that are constantly being reduced as to why they have basically given this land to the mosque.

Victory for residents after bid to turn ‘village green’ into a mosque

A STRIP of grass in an inner city area has been declared a village green in a victory for campaigners who fought to stop it being turned into a mosque car park.

By: Anil Dawar

Published: Wed, July 3, 2013


The plot, sold for £1, has now been saved by campaigners who wanted it to remain an open space

Householders were furious when their council sold the 300ft by 25ft plot to an Islamic group for just £1.

The issue divided a community for two years but the council has now accepted a public inquiry ruling that grants the land village green status.

The legal move means it can no longer be concreted and must stay an open space. Instead there are plans to turn the plot in Aston, Birmingham, into a £60,000 community garden.

City councillor Tony Kennedy, who supported the fight to save the strip of grass, said: “Every community should have a village green. It is in the finest traditions of England.

“It is in the midst of a dense housing area and residents need places like this to escape. A lot of paving over is going on but thankfully this little bit of paradise has been saved.”

The land struggles to live up to the image of a traditional English village green. It sits in the shadow of Aston Villa FC’s Villa Park stadium and was once the site of 25 terraced houses.

Every community should have a village green. It is in the finest traditions of England

But after it was grassed and trees were planted, families used it for picnics and ball games. Barrister Timothy Jones, who led the £32,000 inquiry, accepted that their leisure activities should be allowed to continue.

The plot is still owned by the Masjid Faizul Islam Mosque but they no longer have permission to develop it.

Registering land as a village green effectively protects it from development forever and is used to frustrate unwanted planning applications.

Local people have to prove the land has been used for informal sports and leisure for at least 20 years. But the Government is soon to outlaw the move where developers have already applied for permission to build.


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