Siding With The Oppressor: The Far Left And The Islamofascists

Clearly, the Pro-Islamist Left’s politics of betrayal is just as inhuman as that of 
the far-Right. It’s particularly dangerous given that unlike the far-Right it has 
managed to gain portrayal in mainstream discourse as ‘progressive politics’.

Here is a very good read for anybody with a spare 15 minutes or so. A just published report by One Law For All called Siding with the Oppressor: The Pro-Islamist Left. It fully explores the British far lefts hypocritical alliance with Islamofascists,terrorist supporters and Muslim extremist groups.In depth analysis and history of the Socialist Workers Party and its front groups Unite Against Fascism and Stop The War coalition, George Galloways Respect Party and their links to Islamists both in the UK and abroad. If ever proof was needed that the communists were in bed with the Islamists or that the UAF are anti-fascists in name only then this report is it.

‘Democracy, if it means that, you know, at the expense of not implementing
the Sharia, no-one’s gonna agree with that. Of course no-one agrees with that.’
Azad Ali, Vice Chair, Unite Against Fascism

‘I’m quite a fan of Mahmoud Admadinejad [sic] who is adored by the common
man and woman in Iran. Anyone who vows to narrow the gap between rich and
poor can’t be all that bad….’  Yvonne Ridley, Founding Member, Respect Party

‘Calls for an Islamic state by some corners should not scare us nor should it
bring about a negative reaction.  Anas alTikriti, Vice President, Stop the War Coalition

Extensive sections on:

  • SWP front groups UAF and Stop The War coalition,
  • The Respect Party,
  • Islamic Forum Of Europe & East London Mosque
  • Muslim Associationof Britain (MAB)
  • Yvonne Ridley( Respect Party)
  • Salma Yaqoob( Respect Party)
  • Bradford MP George Galloway 
  • Former London mayor Ken Livingstone
  • Azid Ali (UAF)

The entire report can be read here. All credit to One Law For All and the authors

8 thoughts on “Siding With The Oppressor: The Far Left And The Islamofascists”

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