Muslim Prison Gang Hope To Convert 1 Eyed Cop Killer Dale Cregan

Dale Cregan targeted by Muslim prison gang who want cop killer to convert

1 eyed cop killer dale cregan

Notorious one eyed cop killer Dale Cregan is being lined up as a potential convert to Islam by extremist Muslim prisoners. Muslim gangs offer protection to converts and this could be a big incentive to Cregan who is in fear of gangland rivals with an alleged reward offered by a crime boss to whoever damages his remaining eyeball which would leave him blind

This month he was jailed for life after gunning down police constables Nicola Hughes, 23, and Fiona Bone, 32.He had lured them to a hoax burglary in Manchester last September and as he fled, hurled a grenade at the stricken women.He had previously been on the run after murdering rival gangsters Mark Short, 23, and his dad David, 46  following a dispute between two Manchester underworld families .  Cregan has been told he will spend the rest of his life behind bars so extremist Muslim inmates know they can bide their time.

Catergory A prison HMP Manchester formally called Strangeways. Home to cop killer Dale Cregan

Cregan, who has been on suicide watch, is currently housed on a special wing in Strangeways prison, Manchester.Whenever he leaves his cell flanked by three prison officers and is escorted by a dog handler into the yard where he is forced to exercise in a cage 

But despite the strict prison regime in HMP Manchester, Cregan, who is of an Irish Catholic background, has been contacted by Muslim prisoners intent on wooing him.A report by the Chief Inspector of Prisons says many inmates have been lured to convert. So-called “convenience Muslims” get time outside cells to attend prayer facilities and are excused work and education on Fridays to go to worship. Many say they also receive better food.

A prison source said: “It has become well known that Cregan is a target for Muslims who believe he can be converted to Islam.

“He is so well known, if he changes religion it would be seen as a way to increase the influence of Muslim groups inside.”

The number of Muslims in British jails has tripled to nearly 12,000 in 16 years, with about 1 in 7 inmates identifying themselves as a Muslim. Muslim prison gangs are now a powerful force and offer protection to converts. As is often the case on the streets up and down the country. The Muslims have a quantity over quality policy believing strength in numbers. Their policy of taking anybody as long as they convert including rapists and paedophiles has upset many hardened lags. Instead of being in protective custody for their own safety, the nonces are swanning around the place knowing the Muslim gang will be watching their backs. 

Dale Cregan would make a good Muslim convert. Like so many members of the ‘religion of peace’ Cregan is definitely no man of peace. In a way almost reminiscent of the perfect Muslim ‘Prophet Muhammed’. A power hungry bully after making a name for himself. Killing those who opposed him in cold blood including women. Just a pity he never martyred himself Islamic style and saved the taxpayer some money for keeping the oxygen thief in prison for the rest of his life.

Why so many prisoners convert to Islam

UP to a third of Muslim prisoners have converted to the religion while behind bars.Some are believed to have been bullied into changing faiths. Others, nicknamed “convenience Muslims”, have done it to get more time outside of their cells.But many of the 3,000 converts claim Islam’s discipline helps them to cope with life inside.

Although there are 11,278 Muslims in jail in England and Wales, fewer than 1% are there for terror-related offences.Prison Officers Association general secretary Steve Gillan said: “We’re aware some ­individuals are bullied into conversion. There is evidence of gang culture and a radicalisation of young men. They use Islam as an excuse to behave badly, in a threatening manner.“The number has increased dramatically. We do not believe it is simply down to increased foreign national prisoners.”

Muslim prison numbers soar as staff warn of Islamic “gang culture” in jails

Convicted Muslim terrorists using high security prison as recruiting ground for jihadists

Prisoners fury at Muslims getting microwaves in their cells


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