Muslim prison numbers soar as staff warn of Islamic “gang culture” in jails


I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise to learn that 1 in 7 prisoners in British jails are Muslims. Thats with Britain’s 2 tier justice system where Muslims are getting very soft sentencing for crimes that a British non Muslim would get double. The huge leap is partly down to the amount of  Muslim terrorists and grooming gangs being sent down lately. Then on top of that the recent spate of Muslims caught committing rape jihad, Several Murders committed by immigrants and other Muslims in the UK and a number of Muslim heroin rings. All who enter the prison system as high security prisoners.

Muslim prison numbers soar as staff warn of Islamic “gang culture” in jails

23 Jun 2013 00:00

Prison officers’ association boss reveals “there is clear ­evidence of radicalisation of young men… some ­individuals are bullied into conversion”

Faith: Inmates

Prison officers have warned of Islamic “gang culture” in jails after ­figures showed the number of Muslim inmates has rocketed compared with other faiths.

Stats obtained by the Sunday People reveal convicts in England and Wales who say their religion is Islam have passed the 11,000 mark for the first time.

The total for Christians is 43,235, ­according to data given out under ­freedom of information laws.

Prison officers’ association ­general secretary Steve Gillan said: “The POA are aware that some ­individuals are bullied into conversion.

“There is clear ­evidence of gang ­culture and a radicalisation of young men.

“They use the name of religion as an excuse to behave badly and in a threatening manner.

“It is clear from ­incidents in the Prison Service that it is problematic. It is a drain on resources and indeed safety.”

The number of Muslim prisoners is quickly catching up with Anglicans.

In 2008 there were 23,209 inmates who declared themselves Church of England. That dropped to 18,896 last year, the latest statistics available.

Muslims in jail numbered only 3,681 in 1997 but last year there were 11,278.Their proportion of the prison population in that time went from one in 16 to one in seven. A source said: “This is mainly because of the number of foreign ­nationals in UK jails but is also affected by religious conversion.

“Terrorists in ­maximum security jails have increased ­dramatically in number. It puts pressure on prisons at a time of cost cuts and overcrowding.

“This has been reflected in problems involving some Muslim gangs.”

Mr Gillan said: “The POA are a trade union that respects everyone’s right to follow a religion of their choice.

“We respect each religion and do not jump to conclusions or ­scapegoat any particular religion. Over the years the number of Muslim prisoners has ­increased ­dramatically. We do not believe it is simply down to ­increased foreign ­national prisoners.

“We call on ­government to engage with the POA so there is a better ­understanding of the ­implications for society in general.”

Last year a ­report on young offender ­institutions found as many as a third inside were Muslims. So many went to Friday prayers at Feltham, West London, that the gym was used for worship as well as the mosque.

The Prison Reform Trust’s Juliet Lyon said: “It could simply be there are more young Muslim men in the population.

“It could be that more are converting in prison or reverting to the Muslim faith while they’re in prison.

“I think it’s important that the Prison Service investigates this.”

via Muslim prison numbers soar as staff warn of Islamic “gang culture” in jails – Mirror Online.

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