Christian Women Stripped And Paraded Naked By Muslims

Almost every day we switch the TV on or pick up a newspaper and somebody is going on about Islamophobia. You only have to remotely mention Islam or Muslims in the slightest negative way and the PC brigade and Muslim apologists are crawling out of the woodwork shouting Islamophobic in your face. To them Muslims can only ever be the victims of racism and discrimination. Islamophobia is now big business for the alliance of the far left communist and far right Islamist front groups. The more they make it a taboo subject to even mention Islam, the more potential people there is to accuse them of Islamophobia and more poor Muslim victims. Keeps the Islamophia gravy train full of pound notes from generous government grants running even longer.

I wonder if i relocated to a Muslim country such as Pakistan and set up an equivalent of TellMama called Tell Kafir to fight Christianphobia and monitor attacks by Muslims on Christians. If the Islamic governments would be just as appeasing as the British government is to TellMama throwing me mind blowing amounts of money in funding. I somehow doubt that very much, chances are id be locked up under some kind of anti religious freedom laws. Unlike TellMama in Britain.It would at least be able to justify every last penny of  £314,000 grant received on staff  handling the phone hotlines and investigating real hate attacks committed by oppressive Muslims such as these events recently in Pakistan where 3 Christian women were stripped naked and paraded around a village by a gang of Islamist brutes. 

The Christian persecution by Muslims in Islamic countries is on a far higher level than the alleged Islamophobic attacks in the UK that are usually no more than name calling online

Pakistan: Christian women paraded naked as elders kept turbans on attackers’ feets –

Pakistan: Christian women paraded naked as elders kept turbans on attackers' feets -

Islamabad: In a shocking incident, three Christian women were attacked and then paraded naked by the supporters of the Nawaz Sharif’s ruling party in a village in Pakistan, on June 3.

The village elders pleaded with the attackers to spare the women and even kept their turbans on the feet of the attackers.

The attackers were goons hired by the powerful landlord of the area, Muhammad Munir, the son of Abdul Rasheed. He is said to be a supporter of the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, (PML-N).

The incident came to light in a press release by Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

On the night of June 3, armed men scaled the wall of the house of Sadiq Masih and started looking for Masih’s son. When they could not find him they attacked the three women who were sleeping inside the house.

The attackers forced the women out of the home and tore-off their clothes. They then started shouting to attract the attention of the people, to let them see the extent of the clout yielded by the landlord.

The attackers left women after warning the people against complaining to the police.

Christians and other minority communities have come under repeated attack in Pakistan. In November 2005, Muslim church and schools were attacked in Faisalabad after Muslim preachers urged the people to take revenge after a Christian allegedly burnt Koran pages.

Last year, a number of people belonging to Hindu community of Pakistan had to flee to India after they were threatened and attacked by the fundamentalist forces in Pakistan. The incidents of attacks on minority are particularly rampant in the tribal regions of the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP), Quetta and Federal Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of the region. The rule of government is practically negligible in these areas and attacks are carried out with ruthless impunity.

Girls belonging to minority families are abducted, converted to Islam and forced to marry Muslim boys. The case of Rinku is one such instance. She was abducted and forced to marry a Muslim boy in Mirpur.

Twenty-year-old Radha was subjected to similar humiliation, after she was abducted and forced to marry 25-year-old Salim.

Karachi High Court is listening to a hearing in which a temple was demolished by a builder. The Rampeer Mandir in Karachi was demolished last December. As a result, more than 40 people were rendered homeless.

Christians are not the only group that is facing persecution in Pakistan. Shia Muslims have been regularly killed in suicide bomb attacks. In February this year more than 100 people were killed by coordinated suicide attacks in Quetta.


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