Firebombed Somali Islamic Centre:Building Was In Bad State,Plans To Modernize But No Funds To Pay

This time last week the media was in frenzy over the alleged racist hate attack on the Somali Islamic Centre in Muswell Hill, North London. All the media outlets, news reports were more than happy to report rumours circulated by the far left and Muslims that the English Defence League were responsible for fire-bombing the building as fact. Even the police chiefs when interviewed were happy to allow the unfounded rumours to continue that it was a racist arson committed by the EDL. The police could quite easily have at least slowed the media overdrive down a little by stating they was keeping an open mind  or something similar. But no they chose to allow the rumours to continue. 

Egged on by far left extremists like Unite Against Fascism and their SWP string pullers plus every Muslim in the UK.The biased media acted as prosecutor, judge and jury to find the EDL guilty based on some alleged graffiti that  was sprayed on just to incriminate themselves like you do. Once the mud had been thrown at the EDL and securely stuck. Then it all goes deadly quite. Nothing until yesterday when an article appeared on Tottenham journal website.

On Tuesday, borough commander Ch Supt Adrian Usher confirmed what many had feared in an open letter to local residents – the fire was arson. It is not yet known who caused the fire, but the letters “EDL” were found daubed on the charred walls.He went on to dismissed media speculation about whether or not this was an attack from a far-right group in retaliation for the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich a week before as dignifying “a cowardly act” whoever committed it.“It seems to me that discussion about whether this is the work of an issue-driven group, or of talk about its connection to recent events in London, or if it is part of a wider debate on diversity or immigration is completely missing the point,” he said. “This is not a debate, it is a crime. It is a crime that endangered lives.”

Also the article had comments from a local councillor which i found interesting

Cllr Richard Cornelius said there was no choice but to rebuild the Barnet Council-owned building which housed the Somali Bravanese Centre in Coppetts Road 


So the council will rebuild it for them. That’s handy for them. A nice new building. Especially as according to their accounts filed at the end of 2012.


  • they acknowledged how the building was in a very bad state of disrepair 
  • it would need complete modernization and improvements
  • wanted to expand to offer daycare
  • develop a learning centre
  • had a full page under the title ‘Building Restoration Work’
  • aware this is a major project
  • already been working with an architect on plans
  • difficulties may lie ahead in securing funding for it
full page of what bad state the building was in
full page of what bad state the building was in
future plans
future plans Accounts Ends56 5C0001056856_AC_20111231_E_C.PDF (2)
fully funded by handouts

Still think it was a racist hate crime by the EDL ????   Anyone for insurance job ????

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10 thoughts on “Firebombed Somali Islamic Centre:Building Was In Bad State,Plans To Modernize But No Funds To Pay”

  1. Anyone with an IQ above 20 will know this is an insurance job. Unfortunately these dirty smelly,soap dodging muslim bastards will get what they planned, and all without the required funding.
    This shit will not stop until the government is replaced,and not by any of the main 3 who are all probably getting kickbacks from Arab backers paid into secret offshore bank accounts.

  2. Can a member of the public sue the Council to stop them building a new centre for these Somali head-bangers otherwise the British taxpayer is rewarding criminal behaviour.

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