Another Sex Attack On Female Passenger By A Muslim Taxi Driver.

Now it seems something of trend emerging of perverted Muslim taxi drivers attacking female passengers who they have picked up after a night out. Thinking they was safe in the cab and letting their guard down only to be attacked by the driver.Police in Nottingham are appealing for info after a 19-year-old girl was attacked by the Muslim driver.

Muslim sexual deviants are engaged in a rape jihad on unsuspecting British females. We know Muslim grooming gangs targeting white schoolgirls are at epidemic levels. Random sex attacks and rapes on the street which not so long ago were a rarity, that when they did happen were front page news. Now are happening on almost a daily basis up and down the country. Just like the grooming gangs, Muslim culprits it seems once again are massively over represented in committing these sort of attacks.

If you know the teachings of Islam,the reason for this all becomes much clearer. Islam teaches that men are far superior to women. A female is there the cater for the males needs sexually or otherwise. She should always obey him and never refuse him sex. Muslims are also told as Muslims they are far superior to the low life kafir. Should you happen to be both female and non-Muslim, then in a Muslim males eyes you are considered the lowest of the low. In their twisted minds they somehow justify to themselves that the female is deserving of it somehow.

Going back 18 months ago i witnessed myself the low opinion of white women that a Muslim driver held. Id been out with my mate who was driving, we went to some club to meet his new bird and her friend. After we ended up back at his girlfriends having a vodka or 3. Her and my mate went to bed leaving me and her female friend to finish the bottle off. By the time it got to about 6.30am nothing on the TV but adverts, no one to talk to because the girl was half asleep i decided i wanted to go home rather than wait for my mate to wake up and get a lift. So i got the girl to phone me a cab. Unfortunately i was in an area that is rapidly becoming a Muslim enclave. So when the taxi turned up it was no surprise that the driver was bearded and dressed in white pyjamas. As i was leaving the house i prodded the  female half asleep and told her she better come and lock the door. As im getting in the taxi cab i can see the Muslim taxi driver, head bobbing around like a meerkat to get a good look at the woman in her early 20’s, blonde in the skirt she had been out in, waving to me before locking the door.

I gets in the taxi and the Muslim driver gives me a shifty smirk and nods his head. I tell him where im going and he pulls off. I was feeling pretty grim by this point and just wanted to get home. Even still as little as i wanted to talk i would never just ignore somebody, not even a Muslim. The driver was eager to engage me in conversation which went something like this

  • TD: Your going long way. Are you going to work?
  • KC: No, you must be kidding its Sunday i just want my bed
  • TD: So that’s not where you live then? What you doing there?
  • KC: Been out , just some girls house, i didn’t even know before tonight
  • TD: Ahhhhh….did you have good night then????
  • KC: Yea it was alright
  • TD: Ahhhh……You go there for some jiggy jiggy innit (to which i just laughed)
  • TD:Yea bit of jiggy init. I know what them girls are like. They dirty init
  • KC: Hey..What?  Have you been to that house to pick up before or something then to think that ?
  • TD: No not them. Girls, English girls they dirty innit…dirty. But what if they tell the police?
  • KC: Police?? Why would they tell the police when i did nothing to tell them about??
  • TD: Well they slag init….dirty slag…..i see it all the time when im working. English girls are bad slag
  • KC: Is that right (getting a little wound up but wanted to hear his reasons) why are they slags??
  • TD: They get in taxi drunk.They have little dirty skirt on.Some talk to friends bout things or they on phone begging man to meet them for jiggy init. …Sometime they drink so much they can’t stand up and their skirt come up showing everything . I think some girl they would want sex instead of paying for taxi, they slag up for it init. I’m just scared of  police come my door if I do
  • KC: Let me stop you there. Pull over I’m getting rather offended now. Let me out now or it will be me the police are coming for when I do something I may later regret.

So less than a mile up the road,there I getting out of his taxi with steam coming out of my ears. I had an idea the approximate location but no idea exactly which way i should be heading. To make matters worse it was in hostile territory. Yet I have no regrets getting out and having to walk through that Islamic enclave than risking blowing my top and a Sunday in the cells.

For people like the Muslim taxi driver being brought up under Islam with such a low view of white women already. Where Muslim women are married off early and then kept on lockdown 24/7 by their husbands and should they go anywhere covered from head to toe. To him seeing British women out enjoying themselves, dressed up, drunk  goes against their expectation of how women should be. For some the sight of a pair of legs in a skirt or showing a bit of cleavage is like a red rag to a bull and they can’t resist their sexual urges. But no matter how drunk a woman is or how short her skirt is. Nothing gives them the right or justifies them committing sex attacks acting like their still in Pakistan where such actions are part of everyday life and go unpunished. 

Taxi drivers ‘sickened’ after cabbie sexually assaults teenage passenger

By Kate Stenhouse    Wednesday, June 12, 2013

POLICE are hunting a taxi driver who sexually assaulted a teenaged passenger in his cab.

The 19-year-old woman got into the five-seater dark green London-style Hackney cab just before midnight on Monday, February 11, of this year and was driven to the junction of Trinity Avenue and Albert Road, just off Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham.

  1. Policeman


The taxi driver got out of the car and went to the back of the taxi, where he forced the woman to carry out a sex act.

DC Jon Kerry, investigating the attack, said: “Taxi drivers are in a position of trust to get their passengers home without incident.

“We would ask anyone who knows who this man is to contact us.”

The attacker is described as Asian, around 40, 5ft 6in tall and with a big stomach.

He was balding with closely shaved or cropped hair.

Nassear Ahmed, chairman of Nottingham’s Hackney Association, said: “This is a despicable crime and one that the Hackney carriage community is sickened by.

“We would urge anyone with information to come forward and help the police in their investigations.

“We would like to reassure the public of Nottingham that travelling by Hackney cab is safe and I speak for all our drivers in our disgust and dismay at this incident.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Radford Road CID on 101, extension 802 4684, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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